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Lots of people fantasize about having sex all the time, but have you ever thought about how it would feel to have an orgasm that lasted more than just a few seconds?

Hottest Sex Ever... 3 Racy Little 'Tweaks' For Longer Orgasms Tonight! Follow Me on Pinterest

Believe it or not, this is actually possible! Any woman can do this, but you have to know the tricks to make it happen.

The following three tips will help you enjoy sex more than ever before because they will show you how to have the longest orgasms you have ever had.

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1. Oral Sex For Orgasms

Hottest Sex Ever... 3 Racy Little 'Tweaks' For Longer Orgasms Tonight! - Oral Sex For Orgasms Follow Me on Pinterest

Everyone knows the guys love oral sex. What guy doesn’t love to have a woman go down on him. If it’s okay for guys, then why wouldn’t a woman enjoy the same thing?

Most of the time, you’re going to hear guys talking about having oral sex, but just because women don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy it! If you want longer orgasms, this is the best way to sustain them for a really long time.

Here’s a trick that will make this work over and over: It’s all about tongue action. The faster he licks around, the better it’s going to feel. Obviously, he will need to take a break every now and then if he goes too fast, let him go a little slower, which will make them last a lot longer.

As long as you are ready and willing to get this kind of action, you’re going to have the best orgasms guaranteed!

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2. Slow It Way Down

Hottest Sex Ever... 3 Racy Little 'Tweaks' For Longer Orgasms Tonight! - Slow It Way Down Follow Me on Pinterest

You know the feeling – you’re about to climax, and you want to go all the way. Now, if you want a really long orgasm, tell your guy to slow down right before it hits.

In fact, make sure that speed is not the focus. It’s all about the rhythm, slow and steady, all the way till the climactic end where the world starts to spin. The slower everything goes, the longer it will last, and the stronger the climax will be, giving you an orgasm that will send you into ecstasy.

Stopping is another option, if you feel like the climax is going to happen. Remember, the key is to go slow and steady, and when you do this, your orgasm will last longer than any you have ever had before.

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3. Prolong Your Orgasm

Hottest Sex Ever... 3 Racy Little 'Tweaks' For Longer Orgasms Tonight! - Prolong Your Orgasm Follow Me on Pinterest

Anyone who has ever read about orgasms knows that, if you want to have the best one ever, prolonging it is the way to go.

There is one trick that works every time to make sure you climax long and hard: It’s all about slowing way down, or stopping completely, when you feel like it’s about to come. Whatever you’re doing to get to that point, stop doing it. Just cuddle or kiss, and have him stop thrusting if that’s what’s getting you there. After a couple minutes, start up again, then pause – this is the rhythm you need.

This takes a little bit of skill on your partner’s end, but if he’s good, your orgasm is going to be fantastic! If his erection is super hard, it’s going to make the whole experience more intense, not only for you, but for him as well.

At some point, you’re going to feel like you’re losing your mind. Maintaining that feeling for too long will push you over the edge. If you do a couple times, it really makes it worthwhile, literal “fireworks” that will blow you away because it feels so good.

Hottest Sex Ever... 3 Racy Little 'Tweaks' For Longer Orgasms Tonight! - The Above 3 Tips Can Take Your Sex Life To A Whole New Level Follow Me on Pinterest

Achieving a greater orgasm is sometimes hard to do. It usually lasts just a couple seconds, and then that feeling is gone. Using these tips, you can take your sex life to a whole new level with extended mind shattering orgasms that will last longer and be stronger than any you have ever had before.

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