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Frizzy, flyaway hair can be a really pain at times, and there are a variety of reasons behind it.

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One straightforward way to deal with it is to get a shorter cut. Also, for those who have thick hair (which can be one of the reason why you are having frizzy hair), you may want to consider thinning it.

However, if cutting it off isn’t an option for you, then these 10 simple tips for de-frizzing your hair may be just what you’re looking for to tame the flyaways.

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1. Get a vitamin E capsule and poke a hole in the end. Squeeze the oil out in your hands and rub them together, then work it into your hair to get rid of frizz.

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2. After washing your hair, gently towel dry it then blow it with cool air from your blow-dryer. The cold hair helps the cuticle to lay flat, adding shine and removing frizz.

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3. In a hurry and no time for styling? Rub a tiny dab of hand cream or hair conditioner on your palms, and then run your palms over your hair to smooth down any flyaways. Be careful not to use too much or you’ll end up with greasy, flat hair.
4. Some day when you’ve got the time, let your hair air-dry on its own so you can see how it looks in its natural state – you might be surprised with what you’ve got.
5. Deep conditioning can work wonders on hair that has been fried from over processing. Here’s a simple at-home remedy that helps: Mix together equal parts of mayonnaise and olive oil with an egg, and massage the mixture into your hair. Put on a shower cap or wrap it up in a towel, and then let it sit for at least fifteen minutes before shampooing.

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6. Take a spray bottle and make a mixture of your normal conditioner and water. Lightly spritz it onto your hair to help get rid of both tangles and frizz. Play around with mixture to determine what balance of water/conditioner works best on your hair.
7. Avoid damaging your hair while towel drying; instead of rubbing it, just wrap it up and leave it for 10 minutes or so (you can do your make up while you wait!). Take off the towel and style normally. Rubbing with the towel can damage the cuticle and cause split ends, leading to more frizz.

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8. There are times when your diet or some medications may cause your hair’s pH to be out of whack. Correct it by giving your hair a vinegar rinse; mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water. Pour it over your hair as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning (make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes).
9. Make sure you drink plenty of water so that your hair is healthy and hydrated from the inside. Many frizz problems result from dry hair and you can fight that by keeping your whole body hydrated properly.
10. Do you have very thin, fine hair that causes you to have constant fights with flyaways? Try this trick: leave a little bit of conditioner in your hair instead of rinsing it all out. It will coat the hair shaft, adding weight to your hair and eliminating frizz.


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