We all dream of having perfect skin without the need for makeup – Knowing that you do not need to heap on foundation and concealer in order to hide imperfections and blemishes is a really good feeling. This is what we all want, isn’t it?

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup
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Sure, we all know that it’s important that we wash our face twice daily. For most individuals, that’s all they know when it comes for caring for their facial skin.

In this article, we’re going to show you a couple of more things you can (and should) do, if you want a flawless-looking skin and look gorgeous even without putting on any makeup…

1. Gently Exfoliate Your Skin Daily

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Gently Exfoliate Your Skin Daily
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Exfoliating your skin daily is a beauty secret that most are not aware of.

Before you leave your house everyday, spend approximately one minute or so to massage your face in circular motions using a facial exfoliating pad and a gentle cleanser.

As a result of removing the dead skin cells, and the increased blood circulation from the massage, you will give your skin a soft natural glow that will show your beauty better than any blush you can buy.
2. Practice Scrupulous Skin Care

Having a proper skin care routine is a must if you want to look good without applying makeup.

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Apply Moisturizer After You've Cleansed Your Face
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To start, you should cleanse your face two times a day, followed by the use of a moisturizer specifically made for your skin type. Also you should cleanse your pores twice a week with a herbal steam facial to give you that healthy skin glow you desire.

By keeping this skin regimen regularly, you can guarantee your skin will radiate with health!
3. Drink Lots Of Water

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Drink Lots Of Water
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You should drink eight glasses of water every day in order to keep your skin properly hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin and helps to give that healthy glow.

At the same time, you’ll want to avoid alcoholic, as well as caffeinated drinks (such as coffee or tea), as caffeine and alcohol act like a diuretic and cause dehydration of your skin. Therefore, you should avoid drinking these in order to keep your skin healthy.
4. Get Plenty Of Rest

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Get Plenty Of Rest
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The importance of sleep can not be ignored. When you do not get a full night of sleep, your skin just looks lack luster. Dark circles and bags under your eyes will be noticed by all who see you.

In order for you to have a beautiful skin, you must get approximately seven to eight hours of sleep each and every single night.

If you find that you have not gotten enough sleep, and as a result your eyes now look swollen or puffy, you can place an ice pack over each eye (and leave it on for about 10 minutes) to help reduce the puffiness.
5. Moisturize Your Lips

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Moisturize Your Lips With A Clear Lip Gloss
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Moisturizing your lips will keep them smooth and soft when not wearing lip color.

To give your face a natural glow, all you need to do is to apply a small amount of clear lip gloss.
6. Well-Groomed Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Without makeup, you must emphasize your natural assets. Neatly groomed eyebrows and curled eyelashes will go a long way to enhancing your beauty. Get rid of any stray hairs that you see.

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Use An Eyelash Curler To Emphasize Your Beautiful Eyes
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The investment in an eyelash curler will help to emphasize your beautiful eyes.
7. Sunscreen

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup - Choose A Sunscreen That Protects Against Both UVA And UVB Rays
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Ultraviolet rays are your skin’s biggest enemy. Even though you are not using makeup, you should be using a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

In order to protect your skin, choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Plus, your sunscreen should have an SPF (also known as Sun Protection Factor) of 20 at the very minimum.

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