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If you watch romantic movies, you’d think that all happy couples do the following things: take romantic trips and vacations, tell each other hilarious jokes, cook gourmet meals together, and have sex several times a day. Of course, they never have to clean house.

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Relationships in real life look quite a bit different. But the problems we face together in our daily lives actually help us create stronger relationships than all those “romantic weekends” from the movies. Here are 7 things you can do in your real life relationship to keep your love growing strong.

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1. Always Be Kind To Each Other

If you ever see a truly happy couple, you’ll notice that they always treat each other with kindness. And we aren’t just talking about things like helping with laundry or giving back rubs (while there’s nothing wrong with that!).

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Kindness means treating your partner with respect, even when you’re arguing, and not saying hurtful or mean-spirited things. Those things hurt long after the argument is over, and can destroy a relationship.

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2. Remember The Value Of Communication

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Communicating with each other is vital to the health of a relationship. Couples who know how to communicate tend to have much stronger partnerships.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that couples who enjoy talking to each other have better relationship than those who don’t.

If you need to work on communicating, try spending a few minutes talking – really talking – right before bedtime. Catch up on your day, talk about the kids, and make plans for tomorrow or the future.

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3. Go Out With Other Couples

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Dates with your partner are lovely, but studies done back in 2010 at Wayne State University found that couples that spend time bonding with other couples actually strengthen their own relationships.

Spending quality time with other couples can help boost the intimacy in your own marriage or relationship. You’ll become closer as a couple when you are affectionate with others.
4. Be Open About Your Differences

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No two people are exactly the same and all couples have their differences. You may think that these differences weaken your relationship.

But the truth is that differences are fine, as long as you know how to deal with them. Happy couples know to recognize their differences, not deny them, and look for ways to resolve their issues instead of pretending they don’t exist.
5. Equal Amounts Of Commitment

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We often hear that couples must be “committed” to making a relationship work, and that’s true to a certain extent. But problems arise when one partner feels more committed than the other.

The truth is that the amount of time and effort you put into making it work isn’t nearly as important as both of you putting in the same effort.

Being happy doesn’t always come from intense levels of commitment – but it does depend on a mutual effort.
6. Don’t Let Conflicts Become Confrontations

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Arguments are going to happen; you should just consider it a given.

But the couples that are the happiest manage to keep conflicts small, and don’t let them become ugly confrontations. They are able to use a softer touch when talking about difficult issues, and both are willing to give in if necessary.
7. Focus On The Good Stuff

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The happiest couples are much more likely to make positive comments to their partner than they are negative – even during an argument.

It can sometimes be hard to find the good in someone during a disagreement, but being able to do so creates much stronger bonds than focusing on the negative.

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