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When you first meet someone special, your sex life is always explosive. You run off of less sleep, you come up with excuses to see them more often and you find yourself constantly thinking about the next time you’ll hit it again. The newness is there. You’re still discovering them, showing them all you got and seeing what they can do for you. It’s great, isn’t it? It’s a powerful, all-consuming feeling that makes you glow and cause your friends to ask, “What have you been doing differently?”

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But like anything new, the excitement will eventually wear off. You start to prefer sleeping over staying up until 3AM to get busy and you opt for sweatpants more often than not. The level of comfort and connection the two of you now share is equally great, but admit it, part of you misses those wild nights where you two first learned about each other.

While you can’t necessarily recreate the honeymoon period, there are a few things you can do to reignite the spark in your bedroom. Try using some of these tips to get your bedroom moving and shaking again.

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1. Lingerie

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It may seem a little obvious, but lingerie can go a long way. Sure he’s just going to take it off after a few minutes, but it’s the thought, initiative and seduction that you put into the process that will impress him. It also has the power to change your entire attitude, while empowering you and making you feel sexy.

So skip the sweatpants the next time you get home from work and opt for something a little more alluring.

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2. Dirty Talking

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Are you and your partner the kind of couple that goes kind of silent during your sheet sessions? Maybe you make a few noises here and get loud at the end, but do you really ever say anything? If not, it’s time to start injecting some dirty talk into your romp.

If you’re a little apprehensive about saying them out loud, start by sending your partner a few raunchy sexts. It will:

i. Let your partner know you’re ready for action

ii. Get you used to saying those kind of things to your partner.

Here are some good phrases you can get started with.

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3. Role Playing

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Ever notice how you kind of let go after you’ve had a few drinks? Maybe you try more ambitious positions, maybe you get louder or simply more enthusiastic. Drinking gives us the ability to shake our inhibitions and insecurities. However, if you don’t want to have to drink to lighten up, you can try a little role playing.

Role playing can help you transform into “someone else,” which can in turn make you act like a completely different person. As someone else, you can take charge and get a little rough, you can talk in an accent and be a little submissive or you can say things you’ve never imagined.

Use some traditional role playing ideas or get creative.
4. Sex Toys

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Sometimes all your bedroom session needs is a little stimulation variety. You can do this by introducing a few sex toys from places like Adam & Eve.

Try a couple’s toy like a cock ring or sex swing or a toy your partner and you can use on each other like a vibrator or nipple clamps. Take some time to explore a local or online sex store together and find something that intrigues both of you.
5. Exploring Beyond The Bedroom

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Finally, think about taking your love making outside of your four walls. Head to the couch, the shower, the kitchen counter, the care or even outside.

Sometimes a location change can make all the difference. It can incite the feeling of being watched or almost getting caught. It can cause you to explore different positions and make you be inventive in situations that don’t typically require it in the bedroom. See if you can take a tour of your entire house, then find out where else you can explore.
Guest article by Monica Jackson, a sex and relationship blogger living and sexting in the Greater Atlanta area. She lives for a little red wine, good conversation and drama free boyfriends.

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