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It is very common for women to search for the man of their dreams. They are often enamored by fairytales, or even stories from friends and family, about that perfect guy. They get the proverbial stomach butterflies just imagining that, one day, they will find that perfect someone. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is they end up with the wrong guy, a complete loser, and their dreams are shattered as a result of realizing exactly who they’re with.

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The following tips will help you discern whether or not the guy you are with is worth the time and effort. If you are dating someone right now, and you are not sure if they are right for you, these tips will certainly help you figure that out.

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1. He Doesn’t Include You In Big Decisions

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When big decisions come up in your life, or in your relationship, he doesn’t feel that your input is even worth considering.

A telltale sign that he is not thinking about the both of you is if he decides to take a new job with hours that keep the two of you apart, makes a large purchase without asking you, or decides to move somewhere, a location that he knows that you will hate.

This type of relationship is not something that you want to be part of, and you are better off ending it as soon as possible.

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2. Absence Of Fighting

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Contrary to popular belief, the absence of fighting is actually a bad sign. You may think that this is a great thing, but don’t be too confident that this is something to brag about. In fact, this may clearly show you that he is not the one for you.

People that fight regularly, at least on a minor scale, are actually in a somewhat healthy relationship. If it is not there, then the relationship may be absent as well.

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3. He’s Never There When You’re Sick

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If you tell this guy that you are sick, and he never shows up, or does not even tries to take care of you, this is probably the wrong person for you.

He may never take care of you, especially if he has never volunteered during the relationship, so don’t hold your breath or even continue to believe that there is something worth fighting for.
4. Early Physical Relationship

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A guy that just wants to have sex from the get-go is probably not in it for the long run. If you are not ready, he should respect you enough to not go there. A relationship needs to have more than physical contact, and if that is all he wants, you should get out as soon as you can.
5. Doesn’t Remember Things About You

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Anyone that forgets things about your life, such as the first day you met, or your birthday, is someone that you should give the boot right away. Men should not remember everything about you, but significant dates or experiences should certainly be easy to remember.

More than likely, he is not emotionally invested in you, or, he has a severe listening problem. Either way, he has got to go.
The best way to tell if a guy is right for you is by looking at general things that are very meaningful. When they don’t know when your birthday is, or check on you when you tell them that you are sick, these are clear signs that they really don’t care.

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Use these tips, and you may actually help yourself in the long run by getting rid of the guy that’s really not the right one for you.

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