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The time to bring back your sexy funk is now. Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve been holding back in bed and wish you knew how to make it more exciting?

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! Follow Me on Pinterest

Everybody knows what he’d like you to be doing, but it’s not all about him now is it? There are certain tricks you can use to get him frothing at the bit and rearing to go, while making the whole encounter that much more fun for yourself as well.

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1. Try An Oral Presentation

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - Mastering Oral Sex Is Not Optional In Today's Modern Age Follow Me on Pinterest

Mastering oral sex is not optional in today’s modern age, so expect a great deal of disappointment if you decide to abstain from this particular skill.

You can be sure you partner is analyzing your performance and comparing your level of skill against past encounters of the oral kind. Excel at this skill and you will instantly earn top caliber status as a woman who knows how to completely pleasure a man.

It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless that until a woman has mastered the skill of oral sex, she is somehow incomplete.

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2. Try Different Things

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - If Your Sex Life Has Degraded Into Somewhat Of A Boring Chore, It's Time To Add In Some More Interesting Moves Follow Me on Pinterest

Practicing the same old routines night after night soon becomes monotonous. If your sex life has degraded into somewhat of a boring chore, it’s time to add in some more interesting moves.

The missionary position is a tried and true favorite of many but sometimes a change is as good as a holiday. It might be time for the lady to slide out from underneath and have a ride on top just for something different. Spooning isn’t just for cuddling as it’s also a convenient position for the man to slip in from behind. He also has fairly decent access to the front of his lady for some extra digital stimulation.

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3. Different Strokes

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - Fondling The Penis Just Right Will Soon Have It Standing To Attention, Ready And Willing To Enter The Fray Follow Me on Pinterest

Fondling the penis just right will soon have it standing to attention, ready and willing to enter the fray. Don’t be too rough or it will go as limp as a stick of celery left out on a hot summers day and your man will be too turned off to continue with the fun.

Some men also prefer it if the penis doesn’t get all the attention and like to have their nipples caressed. They also might enjoy a gentle tickle on their ears, inner thighs, and testicles.

Caress your husband like he’s your most treasured piece of jewelry and he will be sure to reciprocate with a lot more enthusiasm.
4. It’s Okay To Show Off Occasionally

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - When You're In Bed And Chilling Out In Front Of The TV, Just Rip Your Gear Off And Start Pleasuring Yourself In Front Of Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Use the element of surprise in your favor. When you’re in bed and chilling out in front of the TV, just rip your gear off and start pleasuring yourself in front of him.

Surprise will very quickly turn into arousal and you can guarantee that he’ll want to share in the fun – or it’s a really good program on TV.
5. X-rated Home Movies For Your Viewing Pleasure

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - Acting Out A Character In A Porn Movie Is A Surprisingly Effective Way To Remove Your Inhibitions Follow Me on Pinterest

A corny script worthy of any porn movie is all you need for this one. Assign yourselves a role and try to stay in character for the entire duration (you may have trouble not laughing but try your best).

Acting out a character is a surprisingly effective way to remove your inhibitions. You’re now free to have fun acting out some of those fantasies you’ve always dreamed about.

Having a camera with a remote control makes it a lot easier to get those erotic close-ups, and you should plan to include lots. Whenever you feel like putting yourself in the mood just whip out your movie masterpiece and prepare for the fun.
6. Share The Porn And Share The Love

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - Sex Toys Are A Great Fun To Use On Each Other For Your Collective Indulgence Follow Me on Pinterest

Sex toys are great fun to use on each other for your collective indulgence but sharing a porn movie can also be very erotic.

Porn movies should be shared together and can provide quite a lot of inspiration. Arousal is guaranteed and immediate – plus you never know what sort of tips and tricks you might learn.
7. Would You Like Some Lube With That Erection?

Keep The Sex Alive In Your Relationship: 7 Things To Try In Bed Tonight! - Every Couple Should Use Some Lube Because Just One Tube Can Transform Your Sex Life Follow Me on Pinterest

Every couple should use some lube because just one small tube can transform your sex life.

A tiny amount of lube amplifies pleasure, increases sensitivity, and promotes longevity. Condoms are also less likely to break when they are adequately lubed up so you have less chance of an expensive little accident.

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