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Summer activities, from beach bumming to swimming, dancing in the park or just sunbathing can play havoc with your makeup in sweltering temperatures.

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup Follow Me on Pinterest

Fortunately, we have seven quick and simple tips for sumptuous summer beauty that doesn’t melt in the heat…

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1. Prime Your Eyes

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Prime Your Eyes With An Oil-Free Eyelid Primer Follow Me on Pinterest

The most obvious places where makeup fades are on your eyelids and lips.

While it’s easy to slick a fresh coat of lip-gloss on any time, keeping your peepers looking good isn’t so simple. Start with an oil-free eyelid primer or cream to powder, for color that lasts in the heat.

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2. Make Your Makeup Work “Double Time”

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Look For Summer Formula Beauty Balms With Concealer, Foundation, SPF, And Anti-Aging Properties All Cooped Up In One Little Bottle Follow Me on Pinterest

Multiple layers of creams and foundation on your face in hot weather are more likely to slip and slide, so look for summer formula beauty balms with concealer, foundation, SPF and anti-aging properties all cooped up in one little bottle.

If you want to take this approach to the max, use a single cream stick for blush, eyelids and lips to make quick touch ups a cinch without overloading your purse.

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3. Fingers Off

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Always Use A Sponge, Or Brush To Apply Your Makeup During The Summer Follow Me on Pinterest

Yes, we know fingers make great makeup applicators, especially when you’re in a hurry and can’t find a brush, but the oils on your skin will mix with those in your makeup altering its consistency and causing it to slip and slide.

Use a sponge to apply foundation or BB cream, brush on blusher and eye shadow.
4. Avoid Loose Powder

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Avoid Using Loose Powder To Seal Your Makeup In The Summer As It'll Cake On Your Face When You Sweat Follow Me on Pinterest

Loose powder may be a great way to seal winter makeup, but in summer it’s just another layer to cake on your face when you sweat, so leave it out.

The only place you really need to fix your makeup is under the eyes, and in hot weather, that’s best achieved by dotting a mattifying cream over concealer but under your BB cream or foundation. It will absorb the oils that make the foundation slip, keeping both layers in place for longer.
5. Stay-Put Eye Shadow

The only place you need more layer in summer than winter is your eyelids.

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Use A Primer Or Cream Shadow Follow Me on Pinterest

When you sweat, you can end up with lines of shadow caked into the creases of your eyelid and nowhere else. Avoid this by using a primer or cream shadow. Leave it to set and apply a similar shade of powder shadow over the top for long lasting stay put results.
6. Lay Off The Blush

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Go For A Sun Kissed Look By Dusting Your Cheekbones With A Light Powder Follow Me on Pinterest

Although you can take a similar approach to your blusher (which is using a cream blush under a powder one), it’s simpler to go for a natural sun kissed look and just dust your cheekbones with a light powder.
7. Lash It On

Look Great This Summer! 7 Tips To A Sweat-Proof Makeup - Make Your Eyes Stand Out With Waterproof Mascara Follow Me on Pinterest

Make your eyes stand out with waterproof mascara, if you don’t want panda eyes by noon. One problem though… And that is, it can be damaging for your lashes when you’re trying to remove it at the end of the day.

So, here’s what you can do to go around this problem: Continue to apply your favorite mascara on your lashes as usual, and then apply a layer of waterproof mascara above it.

Doing so will help to “lock in” your mascara (and avoid the problem of having panda eyes), as well as remove any risks of the waterproof mascara causing any damages to your eye lashes.

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