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Most people, when they think about taking care of their nails only consider washing, clipping and maybe applying nail polish or about the problems with their fingernails like chipping, peeling or cracking and never give any thought to the care of their cuticles.

Your cuticles are the skin immediately around the fingernail and maintaining good cuticle care is the key to beautiful and healthy fingernails.

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have hangnails, or dry and cracked areas around your nails, this is a sign that you need cuticle care as these problems can result in infections of the nail and nail bed. The following five tips will help maintain the good health of your cuticles, allowing you manicure to look good and your fingertips healthy.

1. Moisturize

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips - Don't Forget To Moisturize Your Cuticles Follow Me on Pinterest

Just because you wash your hands and apply lotion every night does not mean your cuticles are getting enough moisture.

Due to the fact that your hands are in and out of water, soap, cleaning solutions and many other things, your cuticles get even thirstier for moisture especially when you do not wear gloves.

If you clean and moisturize your hands once before going to bed and still experiencing hangnails and dryness around your nails, then clean and moisturize twice per day or more as needed.

2. No Cuticle Nipping

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips - Do Not Nip Your Cuticles, As It May Lead To An Infection Follow Me on Pinterest

Nipping your cuticles can lead to infection. Instead, use an orange wood or rosewood stick and push them back. Always remember though that you should never push back dry cuticles, which leads us to our next point…

3. Never Push Back Dry Cuticles

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips - Always Soak Your Hands In Warm Water First And Then Push Back Your Moist Cuticles Follow Me on Pinterest

Pushing back dry cuticles can lead to damage like tears, which can lead to infection. It is easier to soak your fingertips in warm water and push back the moist cuticle.

You can also do this right after getting out of the shower or bath or after washing dishes.
4. Carefully Trim Your Hangnails

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips - Trimming Your Hangnails Is Fine, As Long As You Are Careful With It Follow Me on Pinterest

The main thing is to avoid infection at all cost. While trimming your cuticles is bad, trimming your hangnails is fine as long as you are careful.

To accomplish this in the easiest way, use a pair of cuticle nippers, which you have cleaned with alcohol, clip the hangnail and apply an antibacterial ointment right away; in case you slip-up and draw blood, you may want to apply a bandage until the bleeding stops.
5. Choose Nail Care Products Wisely

Maintain Healthy Cuticles With These 5 Cuticle Care Tips - Make Sure The Nail Care Products That You Buy Are All Acetone-Free Follow Me on Pinterest

The times they are a changin’ and nail care products right along, have improved greatly since the end of 2007.

If you have nail care products made before 2007, dump them right away as they contain Acetone and formaldehyde resins (isn’t that for dead people?) that are just bad for your cuticles. Go to the store and look for nail care products, which are labeled “acetone-free”. Products containing formaldehyde and acetone are not only toxic but will cause dryness and serious cuticle irritation.
The simple fact of the matter is that healthy cuticles look nice and helps keep your nails healthy too and by following these tips, your nails and cuticles will remain healthy and beautiful.

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