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After a few years of marriage it’s common for couples to just get used to each other and start to take each other for granted. When this happens we often wish for our younger days when everything was new and exciting, and our partner was the sexiest thing we had ever laid eyes on.

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! Follow Me on Pinterest

The truth of the matter is that nothing has really changed, and you are both still the same people you were those many years ago. You just need to do some little things to spice up the relationship a bit…

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1. Flirt Like you Have Just Met

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Flirt Like you Have Just Met Follow Me on Pinterest

Remember when you first met and how any touch, no matter how light, could send shivers up your spine. Every little laugh was a delight to your ears, and sparks flew when your legs met underneath the table, or your hands brushed against each other as you both reached for the salt shaker.

It’s easy to recapture those times with a little bit of imagination. Start flirting with your partner like you did in the ‘good ‘ol days’. Don’t start a conversation about your day at the office, or moan on and on about how the in-laws are visiting next weekend. Try something a little lighter and more amusing. Ask your partner about their dreams, such as if they could quit work right now what would they do tomorrow?

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Parties Are A Great Venue To Try Out Your New-Found Flirting Skills Follow Me on Pinterest

Parties are a great venue to try out your new-found flirting skills. Grab a couple of drinks and escape from the crowd for a bit of alone time. Surprise your partner by pretending this is the first time you have met. They may be slightly confused for a minute or two, but it’s fun to watch as they catch on. Once this moment has passed, the theme has been set for the rest of the night, and you will soon realize there is still a lot each of you can learn about each other.

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2. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Follow Me on Pinterest

The familiar can soon become the mundane, so maybe it’s time to jump out of your comfort zone and try something that can really add the sizzle back into your relationship.

You may already really enjoy your weekend morning routines, so you may be wondering why you would want to fix something that isn’t broken. The fact is we need a little shake-up every now and then to keep ourselves interested.

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Studies Show That Couples Who Occasionally Enjoy Any Activities That's Exciting But Moderately Pleasant Has A Higher Satisfaction Rating In Their Marriage Follow Me on Pinterest

A published study has shown that couples who occasionally enjoy any activity that is highly exciting but moderately pleasant have a higher satisfaction rating in their marriage, than couples who regularly participate in activities that are highly pleasant, but only moderately exciting.

The moral of the story is that at least once a month couples should think outside the box and do something slightly less normal. Activities you could engage in are things like going to a music concert that you normally wouldn’t consider attending, rock climbing, or even a bit of wild river rafting to get the adrenaline going. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as all of those because even visiting an as yet unvisited part of town can be an exciting event. Who knows, it may even prove to be a bit of an aphrodisiac to your love life.

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3. Surprise Your Spouse

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Surprise Your Spouse Follow Me on Pinterest

What’s surprising for many long lasting marriages is that couples can still find each other attractive even while wearing scruffy looking clothes probably only fit for around the house. That’s what’s so wonderful about being around each other for so long, the comfort level you achieve in each others’ company.

Of course, there is a fine line between being comfortable and just letting it all go. If you regularly show up to dinner all sweaty and stinky from the gym, or end up in bed with hairy legs, then you are guilty of the previous comment.

No drastic changes are required, so don’t go making any hasty decisions and throwing out all of your comfortable house and gym clothes. Just a few tweaks to your regular routine are all that is required, and occasionally wow your partner with a few nice outfits at dinner time.

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Occasionally Wow Your Partner With A Few Nice Outfits At Dinner Time Follow Me on Pinterest

Wear some lacy underwear, and put on a backless dress. For blokes, make sure you shave and wear a classier shirt than what you would normally wear at your favorite restaurant. What you are trying to show here is that you’re partner is still worth putting in an effort for. Rest assured, the rewards for such a small effort will be more than worth it, if you get my meaning.
4. Get Yourself In The Mood Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - Get Yourself In The Mood Even If You Don’t Feel Like It Follow Me on Pinterest

The usual weekday routine is a mad rush that we are more than likely barely conscious of. Breakfast is often a slice of toast jammed into our mouth as we rush out the door, and we share only the barest of civilities as we pass each other on the way to the bathroom. Plonking down in front of the TV is the usual follow through to this routine at the end of the work day.

If we barely have time for even the barest of niceties how are we going to find time for sex? Are you kidding me? Who has time for that sort of carry on during the week? We need to make time for this act however, as foregoing sex is one of the biggest contributing factors to a modern relationship failing.

Marriage Advice For Women: Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Hotter Now! - The More You Have Sex, The More You'll Want It Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s even scientific evidence to support it. During intercourse and orgasms, oxytocin (or the “love hormone”) is released into our systems. This is the hormone that makes a couple feel truly bonded during sex. What’s also great about sex is that it’s addictive. The more you have, the more you want.

So how do you find the time for this vital relationship saving activity? It’s simple really, just wake up a little earlier than usual so you have a little bit of extra time in which to get funky. At the other end of the day you could forget about desert – or to put it another way, have a special kind of desert that doesn’t pack on the calories. If you don’t mind the calories you can also give it a try with the ice-cream as well.

We’re not talking about quickies here, but neither are we talking about grueling endurance sessions. They’re more of a little practice routine to increase your libido, ready for the all night marathon sessions you’re bound to be getting into when you have the time.

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