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There are a lot of different factors that influence just how effective your daily workout will be. Things like what you’ve eaten, the mood you’re in, and how much energy you have will all have an effect on your routine.

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No matter what other things may affect your workout, there are some things you can do before, during and after your sessions to make sure that you maximize your efforts:

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Before Your Workout

It’s no secret that coffee and caffeine give you a boost of energy, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that a cup of coffee before you exercise can help out.

Maximize Your Workout Effectiveness With These Before, During & After Tips! - Coffee And Caffeine Can Give You A Boost Of Energy Follow Me on Pinterest

But the reasons behind it might not be what you expect. It’s not so much that the caffeine makes you wired, it’s because it affects the way your muscles expend energy that actually boosts your endurance.

Research has shown that caffeine helps your body release fat to fuel your muscles. That means you can exercise longer, because your body will save the carbs you’ve eaten to use later.

Another advantage of caffeine: it helps lessen the pain of muscle soreness after a workout (DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness) – so go ahead and enjoy that tea or coffee!

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During Your Workout

One reason people tend to give up during a workout is because they begin to feel overheated.

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Recent studies have shown that keeping the hands cool can help obese women exercise for longer periods of time.

Try it yourself by adding some ice cubes to your water bottle; hold it in your hands occasionally during your workout to keep them cool. See if it helps keep you more comfortable during your exercise session.

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After Your Workout

After a hard core workout, sore muscles (DOMS) can be a common problem, even if you’ve been drinking coffee. Although it’s a sign that you’ve really given them a good workout, the pain can make it hard for some people to continue working out as much as they’d like.

Maximize Your Workout Effectiveness With These Before, During & After Tips! - Some Individuals Use Massages To Help Relax Their Muscles And Ease The Pain After Workout Follow Me on Pinterest

Some people use massages or heating pads to help relax muscles and ease the pain, but there’s another trick you can try. Studies have found that eating cherries before and after a workout can help alleviate those aching muscles. As an alternative, drinking a bit of tart cherry juice will work in the same way.

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