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It seems massively disproportionate but 75% of migraine sufferers in the US are women – that’s a whopping 3 out of every 4 American women are victims of migraine pain!

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain Follow Me on Pinterest

The menstrual cycle is often to blame, but a migraine attack can be provoked by other things such as alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, weather changes, or food choices.

It’s not always possible to avoid taking an over the counter prescription drugs, but there are other ways to reduce the pain of migraines and make their attacks less powerful with a few natural remedies and methods.

In this article, you’ll find 7 of the most effective all-natural remedies that will work to help get you relief and ease your migraine pains fast…

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1. Drink Caffeine

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Drink Caffeine Follow Me on Pinterest

It may seem counter intuitive but caffeine can actually help reduce the symptoms of a migraine because of the way it works in our bodies.

Caffeine can reduce the level of pain by restricting blood vessels, and it’s often used in some medications for this very purpose.

However, careful moderation is needed, as you don’t want to become dependent on caffeine. Regular use can often lead to a caffeine-induced headache if you don’t get your daily fix.

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2. Rubbing Your Temples

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Rubbing Your Temples Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s probably no irrefutable scientific proof that giving your temples a good rub reduces migraine pain, but it’s a natural reaction we do when migraines strike.

It certainly doesn’t do any harm, so if it feels good why not try it?

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3. Apply Medicated Oil

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Apply Medicated Oil Follow Me on Pinterest

Peppermint has been a long-time natural remedy for aches and pains of all sorts. Medicated oils are generally applied topically to the affected area.

The oils help to increase the blood circulation. Plus, added friction you use to apply the oil also generates a small amount of heat, which can aid in the easing of pain as well.
4. Warm Bath Cool Head

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Warm Bath Cool Head Follow Me on Pinterest

While you are having a nice warm bath, apply an ice pack to your head.

This isn’t a practical application you can use in the office of course, but it’s certainly something to try when you’re at home with plenty of time. This method causes the blood vessels in the lower extremities to dilate while at the same time slightly constricting the blood vessels in your head.

The effect is that pain is reduced as blood is drawn away from your head.
5. Spend Some Time In The Dark

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Spend some Time In The Dark Follow Me on Pinterest

A lot of migraine sufferers have an attack due to blinding, piercing or flashing lights. For these occurrences try turning out all the lights for some mild but immediate relief.

Get it as dark as possible. Turn off all of the lights in the room, close the curtains, and wear an eye patch for maximum effect.
6. Eat Something Salty

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Eat Something Salty, Such As Salty Fries Follow Me on Pinterest

It can be possible to calm an attack by consuming a salt laden meal such as corn chips, or some very salty fries. This method works best before allowing the migraine to get into full swing.
7. Ice Packs

Migraine Relief: 7 All-Natural Remedies To Ease The Pain - Ice Packs Follow Me on Pinterest

This method works on the same principle as the hot and cold bath, but without the bath.

Wrap your skull with ice wraps (can be bought from most pharmacies). Homemade ice wraps will do in a pinch. Keeping your head cold when you’re having a migraine can really help to reduce the inevitable throbbing pain they bring.

You can also try wrapping ice in a plastic bag and placing it behind the neck and head while you add pressure to the area affected by the throbbing.

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