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Contrary to popular belief, guys actually do love foreplay; when they’re on the receiving part that is. Unfortunately, the male species is often associated with the 2-minute man myth. While it’s true that most men are ready for action at all times, it’s doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy some teasing here and there too.

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The difference lies in how foreplay is performed. Women are more turned on by romantic gestures. Men, on the other hand, respond more to visual play. Yes, and there are plenty of fun ways to will sexually blow his mind!

Want to know more? Read on to find out just what ticks his pleasure most.

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1. The Classic Striptease

Mind-Blowing Foreplay Tricks That's Sure To Max His Pleasure... And Yours! - Striptease Always Make It On Top Of The List For Its Powerful Visual Appeal Follow Me on Pinterest

Oh so cliché! I hear you. But this always makes the top of the list for its powerful visual appeal. What better way than to tease your partner with a sensual dance while slowly taking your clothing away one bit at a time; and all while he’s forced to stay lying in bed or sitting on the couch.

Keep the lights on but dim enough as to not spoil the mood. Make it clear that he can look but not touch. Move around him and close to him, but not close enough that your skins touch. Tease him with a few close-ups of his favorite parts of you. Direct his gaze to a specific region by trailing your fingers over that area, cupping it or squeezing it in your hands.

Keep your most intimate part covered until the last moment – more the better if you own a pair of peek-a-boo bra and crotch-less knickers.

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2. Be Sexually Vocal

Mind-Blowing Foreplay Tricks That's Sure To Max His Pleasure... And Yours! - Let Him Know How Hot He's Made You By Leaning Close To Him And Whisper Explicitly How You're Feeling... Down There Follow Me on Pinterest

By now he’s probably ready to pounce on you but let him know it’s not over yet. Let him know how hot he’s made you. Before any touching or any kissing take place, lean close to him and whisper, explicitly, all the things you’re feeling…down there.

About this time, his pulse is probably racing a thousand beats a minute, and with you lightly touching the area around his intimate parts, his surely screaming silently inside.

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3. Kissing Pleasure

Mind-Blowing Foreplay Tricks That's Sure To Max His Pleasure... And Yours! - Slowly Start Kissing His Ears And Move On All The Way Down To His Sensitive And Erogenous Areas, Making Your Way Down To His Manhood Follow Me on Pinterest

Slowly start kissing his ears and move on to all his sensitive and erogenous areas, making your way towards the biggest and most sensitive area of his body – his manhood.

On your way down, why not give the little (or not so little) guy down there a warm hand massage. Be careful not to tug onto him too roughly or you might end up hurting him instead. The dual pleasure of having your warm lips in one area and your warm hands in the area down below, will send him to a place that is out of this world!
4. The Fake-Entry Tease

Mind-Blowing Foreplay Tricks That's Sure To Max His Pleasure... And Yours! - When You're Both Ready For The Intercourse, Allow Him To Enter, But Allow Just The Tip Of Him To Penetrate You Follow Me on Pinterest

Foreplay doesn’t have to end with the striptease and butterfly kisses. When you’re both ready for that connection, a.k.a. sexual intercourse, allow him to enter but allow just the tip of him to penetrate you.

Once part of him is inside you, squeeze your pelvic muscles to prevent him further entry. Pull back, forcing him to withdraw, and repeat, allowing him to enter an inch deeper each time. Continue to flex your muscles down there rhythmically, bringing him (and you) closer to climax with every single thrust.
These tricks will surely have you and your partner curling your toes in ultimate pleasure!

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