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You can probably barely remember the last time you had a full night of passion under the sheets. Isn’t it sad how life often gets in the way of a good sex life?

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

Our hectic work life more often than not means we just don’t have any energy left at the end of the day to pay attention to our sexual needs. Quickie sex is all we have left, and for most couples it leaves a lot to be desired in the satisfaction stakes.

If you want to keep the passion alive in your love life, but only have a spare 5 minutes or so a day this article will show you how to make it all about quality rather than quantity.

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1. Smooch Like You Mean It

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Smooch Like You Mean It Follow Me on Pinterest

We like kissing because our lips are chock full of nerve endings that make it feel good.

A passionate kiss also puts in the wake up call to the nervous and endocrine systems, which are responsible for the manufacture of all of those hard working hormones that give a boost to our sex drive.

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2. Keep Your Clothes On

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Keep Your Clothes On Follow Me on Pinterest

You can save time during a quickie by keeping most of your clothing on.

If quickies are a regular part of your life, make sure you wear clothing that gives you easy access to the important bits you need to get the job done – such as a skirt that is easy to lift out of the way.

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3. A Change Of Scenery

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - A Change Of Scenery Follow Me on Pinterest

A good quickie can be accomplished anywhere so try it in places where you wouldn’t normally even think of doing it. Grab one while you’re passing in the hallway, or during the morning shower.

If you’re adventurous, you could even try parking the car somewhere – but don’t get caught with your pants down, it’s probably illegal in your state!
4. Position, Position, Position

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Position, Position, Position Follow Me on Pinterest

Speed is of the essence so use your favorite positions for maximum stimulation.
It’s different for everybody so some experimentation might be required for you to both get rapid but maximum pleasure.
5. Try Fantasizing

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Try Fantasizing Follow Me on Pinterest

Scientists specializing in the human brain will tell you that it has trouble distinguishing between imagination and reality when it comes to physiological functions – which is why guys have embarrassing trouser tent moments at the office occasionally.

The great thing is that you can try this at home. Instead of in your boring old bedroom, pretend you’re doing the initiation for the mile high club, or you’re both on a deserted tropical island. This has the added effect of helping you to focus in on the task at hand with laser like intensity.
6. Talk Your Way Through It

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Talk Your Way Through It Follow Me on Pinterest

Make some noise and share your thoughts on how you’re feeling during the act.
Telling your partner how good you’re feeling will increase the bonding experience, and will also help you get through to the action sequence much faster.
7. Get The Timing Right

Mind Blowing Quickie: Make It Better Than Ever With These 7 Tips - Get The Timing Right Follow Me on Pinterest

You will only be distracted if you’re in a hurry, so if you’re on your way to an important meeting a quickie might not be the best option.

Try to slot quickies into the spaces where you wouldn’t normally indulge in sex. Research has discovered that people are at their most aroused in the afternoon, so try to fit your quickies in those times.

Mornings are also convenient but you don’t want to be late for work, and you would certainly get strange looks if you used sex with your wife as an excuse for your tardiness. It might seem contrary to the theme of this article, but quickies in the morning might need a little planning ahead of time.

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