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Maintaining healthy nails is easier than you think once you identify the type of nail you have and treat it accordingly. For instance, some people have nails that rarely grow past the tip, while others feel rough and dull.

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types Follow Me on Pinterest

Knowing what type of nail you’re dealing with will make it easier for you to get the kind of healthy and beautiful nails you desire.

1. Soft Fingernails

Soft fingernails grow slowly and seldom grow longer than the fingertip. They are more pliable and bend easy with a slight touch. Strengthen them by regularly applying nail hardener. Not only will this diminish peeling, but also it will secure the protein fibers within the nail to create a stronger bond.

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types: Especially If You Have Soft Fingernails, Make Sure You Always Wear Gloves When You're Doing Chores To Prevent Nail Hydration, And Further Worsen Your Condition Follow Me on Pinterest

Here are some other tips to protect, as well as to help strengthen your soft nails:

  • Always wear gloves when you are doing chores to prevent nail hydration.
  • Be cautious of exposing your nails to strong chemicals or detergents for long periods of time.
  • Applying Elemi Oil helps toughen nails by dispelling water away from them.

2. Weak And Brittle Fingernails

Try pressing the sides of your fingernails together. Do you see them bend? If you can’t, you likely have weak and brittle fingernails. Brittle fingernails are extremely dehydrated, which allows them to easily crack and break.

If you have weak and brittle fingernails, avoid nail hardeners since they will likely make your nails even more rigid. Instead, try applying a quality moisturizer, hand butter, or rich almond oil to revitalize your dry, frail fingernails. These are the essential elements for effectively treating this kind of nail.

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types: If You Have Weak And Brittle Fingernails, One Thing You Can Do To Protect Them From Chipping And Breaking Easily Is To File Them Into A Square And Somewhat Oval Shape Follow Me on Pinterest

Also, you’ll want to file your nails into a square and somewhat oval shape. If the sides are straighter and the top is more rounded, your nails will be better at absorbing shock and therefore less likely to chip and break.

3. Dry And Lifeless Fingernails

Run your thumb across your nail. Does it feel rough, or have ridges? If the answer is yes – you have lackluster nails that are desperate for moisture. Basically, treating dry dull nails is simple and easy. For the most part, you just need a good moisturizer.

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types: If You Have Dry And Lifeless Fingernails, One Thing You Can Do To Protect And Repair It Is To Break Open A Vitamin E Capsule, And Directly Rub The Powder Into Your Fingernails 2 Or 3 Times Daily Follow Me on Pinterest

Try opening a Vitamin E capsule and directly rubbing the powder into your fingernails two or three times a day. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that protects and repairs your nails and skin.

Avoid shimmer or pearlized nail polish since the ingredients used to make these specific polishes are quite drying to the nails.

Another tip is to wear a moisturizing base coat to prevent further drying and will also help hydrate and nourish the nail. If given the choice, choose liquid hand soaps over bar soaps. Bar soaps contain Sodium Laurent Sulfate that tends to dry out nails.
4. Damaged Fingernails

Damaged fingernails are a result of extreme dehydration. This the primary underlying condition for nails to split, crack, flake and break.

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types: If You Have Damaged Fingernails, One Thing You Can Do Is To Apply A Quality Base Coat To Enhance Your Nail Strength, As Well As to Decrease Dehydration Follow Me on Pinterest

Nurture the nail back to health by applying a quality base coat, and making sure you mottle the more crumbling or peeling spots. Use a superior top coat to enhance nail strength and decrease dehydration.

Encouraging new nail cell growth is very important. Apply cuticle oil on a daily basis so new cells can easily push through your nail bed to achieve strong, healthy, beautiful nails.
5. Natural, Healthy Fingernails

Nail Care Tips For Different Nail Types: For Healthy Fingernails, What You Can Do To Keep Them In Shape Is To Apply A Quality Hand Cream Everyday Follow Me on Pinterest

For those individuals who are lucky enough to easily grow healthy, shiny, pink nails – keep them in shape by applying a quality hand cream every day. Also, avoid harsh detergents and hot water since they weaken nails.
Follow these suggested tips for optimal nail health. Your nails will look healthy and beautiful in addition to preventing various nail infections or fungus.

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