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There are around 18 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, and for them, every day is a balancing act between too high a level of blood sugar or too low.

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If too much insulin causes blood sugar levels go too low, diabetics may become dizzy, feel fatigued, or suffer from sweating and trembling. If left untreated, it can lead to fainting and coma. On the other hand, when blood sugar is too high, the diabetic patient can suffer from weakness, fatigue, excessive thirst, difficulty breathing and fainting. This can happen from overeating or an inadequate dose of medication.

Over the long term, poorly treated diabetes can have results as far ranging as kidney disease, blindness, infections, heart disease, blood vessel damage, nerve damage, stroke, or high blood pressure. It can have consequences that result in limb amputation, coma and death.

While the standard treatment for diabetes includes drugs and insulin shots, there are natural treatments. In this article, we’re going to tell you about two programs that can help treat diabetes naturally, with no ill side-effects.

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1. Reverse Your Diabetes Today

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The dangers of uncontrolled diabetes as mentioned above are quite clear. However, the “Reverse Your Diabetes Today” program offers diabetes sufferers information on a different option for fighting their condition; one that doesn’t resort to the pills and shots usually prescribed by medical doctors. Instead, it uses natural treatments that have no side effects.

It works by combining the knowledge we have of diet and exercise and their effects on diabetes, using both modern information and the more traditional time-honored methods. The program teaches you methods of regulating your blood sugar level and increasing your body’s own insulin production with a regimen of meal plans and exercise.

This comprehensive plan can be used by all diabetics, regardless of type or severity.

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2. How To Reverse Diabetes Now!

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The book “How to Reverse Diabetes Now!“, by Matt Traverso walks us through natural health principles that can help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes in as little as 3 weeks.

According to the author, most individual suffer from diabetes as a result of poor diets, poor lifestyle choices, and too little exercise. In order to reverse the disease, we must simply correct the way we eat and live, and thus restore balance to blood sugar levels.

The book lays out the information on what you should be eating, as well as what foods you need to avoid in order to combat diabetes. Matt will teach you about 3 food ingredients that can radically lower blood sugar levels. He also brings to light 3 must have food ingredients that improve the body’s ability to remove waste and boost the immune system, all with the goal of increasing the body’s own insulin production.

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