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More and more women are bothered by problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, as well as saggy skin at a relatively young age – commonly known as premature skin aging. Besides aging, there are also other factors that can cause your skin to age prematurely.

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Knowing what it is that you doing that is speeding up the aging of your skin is an important aspect of any anti-aging skin care regime. And in this article, you’re going to discover the top 5 reasons why your skin may be aging prematurely…

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1. Alcohol

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Alcohol dilates small blood vessels in the skin. This dilatation causes the flow of blood at your skin’s surface to increase, making your skin appear flush.

The continued use of alcohol over time will cause these blood vessels to become permanently damaged. And as time goes by, these broken blood vessels on the surface of your skin will leave you with a flushed appearance.

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2. Sleeping Positions Can Affect Your Skin

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When you sleep in the same position every night, you tend to get (for lack of a better term) “sleep wrinkles.”

Sleeping on your side will give you more of these wrinkles. Sleeping on your face can create lines in your skin. As we get older, it takes longer each day for these lines to disappear and unfortunately at some point in time they will no longer disappear.

To prevent premature skin aging due to your sleeping positions, you should try to sleep on your back. No doubt you may roll over and start sleeping in your side or on your face at some time in the middle of the night, but the amount of time you spend on sleeping in such positions is greatly reduced (and hence the chances of developing those wrinkles and lines on your face as a result of your sleeping positions).

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3. Cigarette Smoke

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Cigarette smoke damages your skin – It does not matter whether you are the smoker or you just are near someone smoking, cigarette smoke will and is damaging your skin.

According to research, individuals who are exposed to cigarette smoke are at a much greater risk of suffering from skin dryness, as well as wrinkles, at a younger age (compared to those who are not). The reason is because cigarette smoke depletes your body of vitamin C, which is key in keeping your skin moist and supple.
4. Sun Damage

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Rough and leathery skin, age spots, freckles, spider veins on the face, skin cancer, a blotchy complexion all can be caused by the sun’s natural rays. Even if you only spend a few minutes each day in the sun, over the span of time, in just a few years, noticeable skin changes can be seen.

Damage is caused to the skin when it loses its ability to repair itself because of repeated sun exposure. When the skin is repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet rays, collagen is broken down and the body is prevented from producing new collagen.

In addition, there is a protein found in your skin called elastin (which is responsible for keeping your skin firm and tight). The sun’s rays damages this elastin, taking away your skin’s ability to remain tight and firm. And when this occurs, your skin’s ability to spring back after being pulled is diminished.
5. Lack of Sleep

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When you do not get enough sleep, not only do you feel tired but you look tired too. The bags under your eyes and the dark circles, and of course your sagging skin are the first places your lack of sleep shows up.

It has been shown by research that the average adult needs 8 to 9 hours of sleep nightly to function at their best. You should consider seeking help from a medical professional if you find yourself not able to get the proper amount of sleep for any reason.

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