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Many women spend a great deal of time in the morning taking care of their appearance and completing a beauty routine. If you are one of them, you likely would love to have a simpler makeup routine, and you may end up giving up on the idea entirely if you are truly pressed for time.

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

You do not have to stop your morning beauty routine, instead you can use the following tips and strategies to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning without sacrificing any beauty at all.

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1. Skip The Home Facial Treatment

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips - Apply A Facial Mask After Exfoliating. Leave The Mask On For 5-10 Minutes Before Removing The Mask, And Rinsing Your Face With Warm Water, And Apply Moisturizer To Moisturize Your Face Follow Me on Pinterest

It is not necessary to prepare a time consuming home facial treatment if you wish for your skin to have a beautiful glow.

First, use a face scrub to exfoliate. You can choose one with beads, sugar, or any other substance that can rub away any dead skin cells. After that, you can apply a facial mask to further cleanse the toxins from your skin. Choose one that stays on for five to ten minutes – they are just as effective as many that take much longer. You can take care of your dental hygiene while you wait for the mask to do its magic.

Remove the mask with warm water and then be sure to moisturize your face. Take a look in the mirror – you will love what you see!

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2. Take Care Of Acne Issues Easily

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips - Take Care Of Acne Issues Easily Follow Me on Pinterest Click Here. I Cured My Acne - Eliminate Your Acne Naturally Within 8 Weeks. Doctors & Drug Companies Hate This!

Acne and zits are so annoying. If you have a zit, you can conceal it easily. Here’s how to do it in no time at all:

First, use toner or alcohol to dry the area and remove any oil. Next, freeze the acne with a piece of ice wrapped in a washcloth. Hold it over the area for a minute or so. This will reduce any inflammation.

Last of all, dry off the area and hide the zit with a tiny bit of concealer. Voila! Your acne is gone!

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3. Shave Minutes Off Your Manicure

Manicures take a long time, don’t they? Well they don’t have to! If you find that your nails are taking forever to dry when you paint them, perhaps you are applying too much nail polish at once.

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips - Instead Of Applying One Thick Layer Of Nail Polish (Which Takes A Fair Bit Of Time To Dry), Apply 2 Thin Layers Instead Follow Me on Pinterest

Instead of applying one thick layer of nail polish and waiting for it to dry, do it in two thinner layers of nail polish.

One great tip: after you dip the nail polish application brush into the bottle, be sure to wipe it on the edge to ensure you are not getting too much polish.
4. Create Pouty Lips

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips - A Home Recipe To Create Pouty Lips Using A Mixture Of A Teaspoon Of Olive Oil Plus A Very Small Amount Of Salt Follow Me on Pinterest

Here is a home recipe that can make your lips pouty quickly and easily – Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a very small amount of salt and apply the mixture to your lips. The oil will moisturize your lips, and the salt causes your lips to swell, creating the pouty look you want.
5. If You Have No Time To Spare, Just Wear Lipstick

Pressed For Time? Look Good Fast With These 5 Quick Makeup Tips - If You Have No Time To Spare, Just Wear Lipstick Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are strapped for time, just throw on some lipstick. Red is a good color that makes a statement. You can choose a color that compliments your complexion. If you have skin with orange or reddish tones, play that up with a brownish red lipstick. If you have paler skin, choose a bright cherry red for a great contrast.

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