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If you really want to rev up your body’s metabolic engine and get rid of stubborn body fat, here are the five exercises you need to start doing right now…

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! Follow Me on Pinterest

1. Lunges

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - Lunges Follow Me on Pinterest

Put one foot behind you, and your other foot above the step, so that your front knee is directly above your heel. Keeping your hips and shoulders aligned with each other, lower your body at least 12 times for each leg.

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2. Step-Ups

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - Step-Ups Follow Me on Pinterest

Stand with your feet spaced as wide apart as your hips are, and jump up onto the step 15 or more times. Walk in a full circle around the platform, then repeat.

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3. Push-Ups

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - Push-Ups Follow Me on Pinterest

Beginning with either your knees or feet on the floor, place your hands on your step or platform, shoulder-width apart. Inhale while lowering your body toward the step, then exhale while pushing yourself back up with your arms. Do at least 15 repetitions.

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4. Tricep Dips

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - Tricep Dips Follow Me on Pinterest

Sit on the floor with your lower back touching the step. Reach behind you to place your hands on the step. Using your tricep muscles (the ones on the back of the upper part of your arms), lift and lower your body, making sure that your wrists and elbows stay lined up with each other. Do 12 repetitions of this move.
5. Squats

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - Squats Follow Me on Pinterest

This is the one that doesn’t require a step. Stand with your arms down at your sides and your feet hip-width apart. Imagine a chair behind you, and move your body as if you were going to sit down in it. While doing so, move your arms up and out in front of you. Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in, and your back vertical.
To get the best possible results from the series of workout moves outlined above, you must do all of them one after the other, without any rest in between. This workout will give you a metabolism boost, helping you to burn fat and even to keep burning calories long after the workout is over.

Body Fat Fast With 5 Simple Workout Exercises! - On Other Days Of The Week When You're Not Doing These 5 Simple Workout Exercises, You Can Either Practice Yoga, Take A Walk, Or Play With Your Dog... Activities Like These Help Burn Calories And In Turn Helps Burn Off Body Fat Follow Me on Pinterest

Try to do this workout at least two days per week. On the other days of the week, get exercise by going to a yoga class, taking a walk, or playing with your dog. Making lighter activities like these a part of your everyday life is a great way to make sure you’re getting some kind of exercise each day.

Don’t forget that after your workout, you have to give your body some nutritional support. Right after you work out, replenish your body’s supply of high-quality protein by eating a salad of mixed greens with fish or chicken, or a smoothie made with organic fruits, protein, and cold water. It’s very important to plan on having a healthy meal like this after your workout, to avoid letting your blood sugar level sink too low.

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