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One of the things that people really get deceived by is marketing efforts by companies that promote their products as being fat-free, or diet. The reason this is so deceptive is because people get sucked into the idea that buying fat-free is going to help them lose weight, but when they go spend all of the extra money for these “fat-free” products, they never experience any benefits from doing so i.e. lost weight.

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The point of this article is to point out to consumers the hypocrisy and lies that are presented by these falsely advertising marketers. All the promises that are made regarding these “healthy alternatives” to some of the lower-priced foods in the market never seem to hold up to muster in real-life situations, so were going to take a look at 10 of these products that are supposedly healthy, and provide you with some enlightenment on how they will not help you to lose any weight.

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1. Commercially Created And Purchased Smoothies

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Yeah, believe it or not, smoothies. It’s a fact that not every smoothie is made the same, as many of them will contain substances like artificial ice cream, and other artificial sugars and products that are extremely fattening, and are not healthy in the least bit.

That’s not to say however that all smoothies are unhealthy, because there are some great blends out there that contain completely whole foods and natural products that can truly benefit a person, but not all of them.

Whenever you are craving a smoothie, the best bet is always going to be to buy all of your own natural ingredients, and then proceed to make it at home. You never know what somebody else is going to be putting into the products, so if you care about your health, blend your own smoothie.

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2. Some Of Your Favorite Fruit Juices

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The point of this article is not to bash on any particular fruit juice products, because we actually do love an occasional glass of 100% fruit juice, as it does contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, but due to the fact that other food is good too, it’s important to keep the intake to a minimum. Juice is incredibly high in calories, and does very little to help an individual feel full, so it can be a very easy way to add a whole lot of calories to your diet with very little benefit besides a nice taste.

You also have to be careful with the juices that you drink because a vast majority of them do not contain 100% fruit juice, and can be filled with artificial substances just like soda pop. A better way to enjoy fruit is to eat it in its whole form, and to stay away from the juices the majority of the time, as the fiber content that is present is going to better help satiate your hunger.

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3. Muffins Making The “Low-Fat” Claim

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Whenever you go into a bakery or a coffee shop, and you see those muffins sitting there on the counter that are making the declaration of being fat-free, and therefore stating that they are safe to eat, don’t believe it. Regardless of whether or not these little delicacies actually contain less fat than the slightly more decadent variety sitting next to them, chances are they are not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

It needs to be noted that when producers of these products are actually manufacturing them, and they remove those products that contain fat, those fat products have to be replaced with something else in order to complete the needs of the recipes. Most times these companies replace that with sugar, or other varieties of sweeteners, which can lead to the nonfat variety muffin being just as calorie dense as the full fat variety, but it’s likely that it will lack the ability to keep you full. Don’t be deceived.
4. Yogurt Containing The “Fat-Free” Label

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Never buy into the hype of a product containing the label “fat-free”, especially when it comes to yogurt, because a variety of the brands on the market are filled with loads of sugar in order to sweeten them up and make them taste good.

If you just spent some time looking at the labels on some of these “fat-free” yogurt products, you would quickly see that lots of them have as many as 15 g of sugar in a minuscule 6 ounce serving size. That’s a lot. If you have a scale, try to fit 15 g of sugar on it and see how much that actually is, as I’m sure you’d be astonished.

When it comes to yogurt, the best thing that you could probably do is to buy the plain fat-free Greek variety of yogurt, and then add your own flavorings into it to make it taste good. Some good things to add to it include all sorts of different fruits and berries, and even honey if you like it a little bit sweeter. This is going to allow you to completely control all that’s in your yogurt.
5. Your Favorite “Diet” Soda Drinks

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Whenever you see the word “diet” attached to a product, it’s likely that it really doesn’t have anything to do with actually dieting, and is just telling you that it’s lacking any natural sugar. In fact the majority of these “diet” soft drinks are completely full of substances that are not natural at all, and are actually bad for you.

They’ll consist of imitation flavorings, and artificial ingredients, and additionally the majority of them can be devastating to an individual who has high blood pressure. Other issues that are commonly experienced by individuals who drink this so-called “diet soda” is the fact that they have a propensity to eat more food than what they would have if they didn’t drink the soda. All in all, this is just not a good thing.
6. Rehydration Or Sports Drinks

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Regardless of all the hype and the impressive marketing techniques that creators of these sports drinks participate in, try not to be fooled by it due to the fact that the majority of them don’t contain hardly anything but water mixed in with imitation flavorings, sugar, and electrolytes.

That’s not to say that these sorts of drinks don’t have their place by any stretch, as there is some validity to their claims as long as an individual is working out in the hot sun for hours and hours in a day, or is participating in a high intensity workout for longer than an hour.

If however, you are just wanting to drink these as a type of soft drink because you are under the impression that they’re healthy, or because you’re working out a little bit in the house, it’s not such a good idea.
7. So-Called Healthy Protein Bars

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I’m not going to sit here and make the claim that each and every protein bar on the market is unhealthy, because there are some good ones, but it’s important before you buy it and eat it that you read the ingredients on the back.

It’s important when looking for a healthy protein bar to make sure that all of the ingredients are organic, and that it doesn’t consist of any more than 200 cal, or 8 grams of sugar. The protein bars that are not organic, are most often filled with a bunch of fillers and sugars, and in actuality are really nothing more than a candy bar with a little bit of protein added in for good measure. They try to pass it off as health food, but it is a far cry from it.
8. Peanut Butter Making The “Low-Fat” Claim

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This can be a really deceptive product seeing how peanuts in their natural form are substantially high in monounsaturated fats. Try to steer clear of any of the peanut butter products on the market that are not 100% natural. Yes you will have to deal with all of that oil sitting on the top, and will have to spend the time mixing it up, but buying the full fat-free version of peanut butter is always going to be the better choice.

All you have to do is look at the labels on the side of the jars, and you’ll quickly see how much better the natural products are. Whenever the manufacturer of the peanut butter removes all of the fat from their product, they have to replace that fat with other substances for filler material, in addition to sugar. This is never going to be as healthy as the monounsaturated fat that is present within the peanuts naturally, nor is it going to be any lighter in the calorie area.
9. Commercially Bought Baked Beans

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It’s a fact that beans are a wonderful food due to the fact that they are so high in fiber, and are a wonderful source of protein that comes in plant form.

You have to be careful however when you are buying baked beans from the grocery store, and especially when it comes to the different flavor varieties. Many of these products are extremely high in substances like high fructose corn syrup, or other types of sugars and flavorings that are incredibly bad for you.

As always, if you are craving some baked beans to go with your summertime barbecue, the best thing to do is come up with a recipe on how to make homemade baked beans. When you do this, you can have complete control over all of the ingredients that are in them, and it’s likely that they’ll taste a lot better too. Homemade cooking is so much better than anything that you can take out of the can, so make use of that brain of yours and cook some good viddles.
10. Wheat Bread Products

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There are a lot of bread manufacturers that try to fool consumers into buying their “wheat bread” products under the belief that they’re buying something healthy, when in fact they are likely buying little more than white bread that has just enough white flour in it to make it look like it’s wheat bread.

If you want to eat wheat bread, make sure that it says on the packaging that it is “100% whole wheat”.

Another thing that you want to look for when you are trying to find a healthy bread, is to check and see whether or not it has any fiber in it. Always try to buy bread that has a minimum of 2 g of fiber, as if it’s making the claim of being healthy, but is lacking the fiber, it’s lying.

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Our hope after reading this article is that your eyes will have been opened up a bit as to the dangers of falling for the “diet”, and the “fat-free” labeling that manufacturers place on the products. Always read labels, and make sure that what you are putting in your body is safe.

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