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If you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time wondering what exactly it is that your guy wants from you in bed. Wonder no more! We’ve taken the time to talk to men and we asked them just what they were looking for.

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed Follow Me on Pinterest

Here are the five most frequent answers:

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1. He Wants To See Your Naked Body

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed - He Wants To See Your Naked Body Follow Me on Pinterest

Men are generally very visually stimulated; it’s why they like to look at sexy pictures and movies. And one of the things they absolute crave in the bedroom is to be able to see you and to watch the action.

Of course, many of us ladies have issues with our bodies, but trust us – it looks beautiful to him! So surprise him tonight and leave the lights on – or light a few candles if the bright light is too much. And hey, why not hang that big mirror right across from the bed? You may be surprised by how much it turns you on, too.

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2. Take Control & Initiate Sex

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed - He Wants To See Your Naked Body Follow Me on Pinterest

Men often feel like they have the responsibility for always initiating sex; it can leave them feeling a little unwanted when they have to ask for it all the time. So tonight, why don’t you be the one that makes the first move?

You see, we’re taught to be “ladylike” and passive when it comes to sex, but there are times when a man likes to see you be a little aggressive in pursuing him. And there’s an added bonus: if you’re on top, you get to control the rhythm so it’s good for you!

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3. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed - Whispering In His Ear Telling Him What You Want Him To Do Is A Huge 'Turn On' For Him Follow Me on Pinterest

Now, when we say talk or be vocal during sex, we don’t mean that you have to scream and carry on like they do in porn movies! But whispering in his ear what you want him to do you is a huge turn on for men, as are a few moans when he’s doing the right thing.

Telling him what you’re going to do to him is another way to really get his motor revving. And one other thing – men absolutely love to have you call them by name during sex, it can really sent them right over the top.
4. Sex Should Not Be Restricted To Just In Your Bedroom, On The Bed

Always having sex in the same room, in the same place, in the same position can get to feeling almost like a chore. The key to sizzling sex is spontaneity and adventure, and boredom just doesn’t fit into the equation!

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed - Sex Should Not Be Restricted To Just In Your Bedroom, On The Bed, You Can Have It In Places Such As On The Sofa In Your Living Room Follow Me on Pinterest

So the next time you’re feeling frisky, why not surprise him in the shower, on the sofa – or on the kitchen table! Feeling like you really need a change? Book a room in a local hotel – and sneak out on a balcony! The novelty of the place plus the streak of exhibitionism is sure to have you both satiated for a while.
5. Go Harder, Faster, And Deeper…

The 5 Things He Really Wants In Bed - Going Harder, Faster And Deeper During Intercourse Can Really Knock His Socks Off Follow Me on Pinterest

While slow and sexy definitely has its place in the lovemaking repertoire, there’s also something to be said for rough and aggressive. We’re not suggesting that you smack him around (unless he likes that!), but grabbing him tight with your legs, and pulling him in to meet his thrusts can totally knock his socks off.

Deeper can also go for oral sex, although many ladies have a hard time for the “deep throat” because of the gag reflex. If you can’t handle it, don’t stress and don’t force it. Instead, you can create the illusion of deeper oral by using plenty of lubrication with your hands around the base of the penis. One tip though, if you plan on using a condom later, make sure to use water-based lubrication.

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