All too often, I catch glimpses of women with unknowingly smeared lipstick and raccoon-like eye makeup on the street. Hey, it happens — but it doesn’t have to!

The Secrets To Smudge-Proof Makeup
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As a makeup artist for Good Morning America, it’s my job to make sure the anchors and reporters look perfect from the show’s start to finish. With those hot studio lights and high-pressure scenarios, it’s a challenge to make their makeup smudge- and budge-proof.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks that really work. With these following tips, you’ll look flawless for hours.

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1. Choose The Right Foundation

The Secrets To Smudge-Proof Makeup - Choose The Right Foundation
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Finding the right foundation that won’t look caked-on after a few hours is essential. The best product depends on your skin type.

Experiment with drugstore concealers to find the right one. Sephora-brand concealers are also dependable. They come in a variety of shades for all skin tones and rarely require reapplication throughout the day. I like how they sink into the skin, leaving a nice, natural look.
2. Finish With Translucent Powder

The Secrets To Smudge-Proof Makeup - Finish With Translucent Powder
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Television anchors are constantly under bright studio lights.

My trick for keeping them shine-free: I use a translucent powder, which leaves skin with a matte finish.

I recommend doing a touchup through the course of a day. Use a facial tissue to gently blot the skin and remove excess oil. Then reapply the translucent powder.
3. Go Waterproof

The Secrets To Smudge-Proof Makeup - Use Waterproof Mascara
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How often have you looked in the mirror to see smeared mascara or a black under-eye smudge?

To prevent this from happening, use waterproof mascara. Some can leave your eyelashes looking brittle or clumpy, so test out a variety of brands.
4. Prime Your Lids And Lips

The Secrets To Smudge-Proof Makeup - Prime Your Lids And Lips
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Creased, smudged eye shadow is one of the biggest beauty blunders I see. But one simple step can prevent this from happening: First, prime your lid with concealer. Without a primer, the makeup has nothing to hold onto — and the natural oils in your skin will cause it to slide off and crease. So gently dab a little concealer onto your eyelid before applying any eye makeup.

You can also use this same trick for your lips. Using a finger, blend your concealer right onto your lips. If you find that this causes your lip color to look too light, try filling in your entire lip with a natural-colored lip liner. Then blot with a facial tissue before slicking on your lipstick.

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Guest Post By Brooke Glaser For Beauty & Confidence

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