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Like any other sport, sex can be enjoyed the most when it’s practiced outdoors.

Sometimes you have to be bold to liven up a sex life. If you’re experiencing a lackluster time between the sheets, maybe it’s time to shun the bedroom and take it outside for a while.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him Follow Me on Pinterest

The outdoors can really bring your senses to life as you feel the light touch of a breeze, not just on your face, but on your entire naked body. Of course there’s also the chance that you may get caught in the act, but this only increases the excitement for a lot of couples.

For the intrepid outdoor sex enthusiasts here are six ideas you can take to the outdoors to reignite your lagging sex life.

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1. Start With The Basics

For those who are mortified at the thought of getting caught with their pants down, perhaps the best place to start a new sexual adventure in the great outdoors is to get it on in the backyard.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him - Start With The Basics; Get It On In The Backyard Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s familiar, can give you a little bit of privacy, and you probably won’t get arrested even if a nosy neighbor does decide to call it in.

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2. Out In The Woods

Once you start feeling comfortable with the whole butt naked in the backyard experience, it’s time to venture further afield and take to frolicking in the local woods.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him - Find A Secluded Spot Out In The Woods Follow Me on Pinterest

Make sure you find a fairly secluded spot a little off the regular routes. You don’t want to give anybody a nasty surprise while they’re out walking the dog. Take your own cushions, or for a more primal experience, choose a spot where the leaves are plentiful so you can make a makeshift mattress.

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3. Beach Bunnies

While not without its challenges, sex on the beach can be very fulfilling.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him - Sex On The Beach Can Be Very Fulfilling Follow Me on Pinterest

Most people associate a trip to the beach with the holiday season so it can evoke a sense of the carefree. Also, the sound of crashing waves and the fresh tangy salt air all add to the exhilaration.

Of course, you will need to find a less visited area where you can safely seclude yourselves between the sand dunes, and towels or blankets are highly recommended. Lifesavers are definitely not invited so don’t even think about doing it between the flags.
4. On The Water

Everybody thinks romantic thoughts when they think of a small boat out on a lake.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him - Sex In A Small Boat Out On A Lake Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s such an intimate occasion with just the two of you floating lazily on the water. It’s also the perfect location to get your gear off and go for it, if you can get the boat into a secluded spot where there’s nary a soul in sight.
5. In the Water

Once you’ve finished making love in the boat why not take it into the water. It will certainly make for a change of pace.

5 Outdoor Sex Ideas To Get 'Down And Dirty' With Him - Make Love In The Water Follow Me on Pinterest

Water makes everything feel so much smoother and sexier. The slightest touch is made that much more sensuous when you’re all wet and slippery.

However, this is an event to plan ahead for, as water is very good at washing away your own natural lubrication, so make sure you pack your own.

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