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There are no lack of information available on the Internet when it comes to the subject of fitness. But, how true are some of the information that were presented?

The Truth Behind 4 Common Fitness Myths Follow Me on Pinterest

Let us take a look at the truth behind 4 of the most common fitness myths on the Internet.

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Myth: For building muscles, lift heavier weights for fewer reps; for toning muscles, use lighter weights with more repetition.

The Truth Behind 4 Common Fitness Myths: Is It True That You Should Lift Heavier Weights For Fewer Reps For Building Muscles, And Use Lighter Weights With More Reps For Toning Muscles? Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: This is partially true; to build muscle, you want to use heavy weights for a max of 10 to 12 reps. But for toning muscle, you need to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Lifting lighter weights doesn’t necessarily help. You need to work with enough weight to stress the muscle; that’s what stimulates it into growing.

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Myth: Doing strength training doesn’t have any benefit for your heart; only cardiovascular workouts (such as working out on the treadmill) work the heart.

The Truth Behind 4 Common Fitness Myths: Is It True That Only Cardiovascular Workouts Work The Heart? Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: Recent research from the Archives of Internal Medicine has proven this statement to be false. It’s now known that strength training can benefit your heart, too.

You get healthy benefits from all sorts of exercise, the important thing is doing something every day. You’ll give your metabolism a boost for the whole day, which helps burn more calories, too.

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Myth: Strength training will reduce your flexibility.

The Truth Behind 4 Common Fitness Myths: Is It True That Strength Training Will Reduce Your Flexibility? Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: False. You can actually see improvement in your flexibility if you’re doing proper strength and resistance training.

In fact, the International Journal of Sports Medicine recently concluded studies that showed sedentary subjects who began a program of resistance training showed improved flexibility.
Myth: Strength and resistance training will cause me to get too “bulky” and muscular.

The Truth Behind 4 Common Fitness Myths: Will Strength And Resistance Training Cause You To Get Too Bulky And Muscular? Follow Me on Pinterest

Truth: Women do not typically bulk up through strength training; rather, those who get a balance of cardiovascular exercise together with strength and resistance training tend to look toned and thin.

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