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We all like to look our best when we leave the house in the morning, but really, who has the time to spend an hour grooming, when there are so many other things to take care of?

Too Busy To Look Beautiful? 3 Quick Makeup Tips To Get You Radiant & Gorgeous - Fast! Follow Me on Pinterest

Honestly, it’s probably better to get an extra hour of beauty sleep anyway than try and cover up tired looking eyes and skin with layers of foundation and concealer. But what if we told you there’s a quick and easy way to apply makeup to get you radiant and gorgeous fast?

Here are three quick and simple beauty tips to get you ready to face the world in no time!

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1. Natural Beauty

Too Busy To Look Beautiful? 3 Quick Makeup Tips To Get You Radiant & Gorgeous - Instead Of Applying Makeup, Use A Tinted Moisturizer Or BB Cream To Get A Flawless Finish Without The Effort Follow Me on Pinterest

With that extra hour sleep under your belt, your eyes will look brighter anyway, and that’s half the battle. Instead of applying heavy makeup, use a tinted moisturizer or beauty balm (also known BB cream in short) to get a flawless finish without the effort.

Sweep a quick dusting of blush under your cheekbones, maybe a quick dash of eye color from lash to socket, and flick a little mascara on your lashes to really open up sleepy peepers.

Finish this girl-next-door look with a natural shade of lip color or gloss, slicking a clear gloss on the center of your lower lip and you’re good to go.

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2. The Eyes Have It

Too Busy To Look Beautiful? 3 Quick Makeup Tips To Get You Radiant & Gorgeous - Use A Concealer A Shade Or Two Lighter, Followed By Your Normal Foundation To Cover Dark Circles Follow Me on Pinterest

If you only have time to focus on one facial feature, an even quicker way to look made up in the morning is to focus on your eyes. Use a concealer a shade or two lighter, followed by your normal foundation to cover dark circles, or an eye cream that lifts and reduces wrinkles to give yourself the best base to work with.

Create eye definition and look wide-awake in the quickest possible time by using just eyeliner across the lash line of the upper lid and to the inner edge of your iris on the lower lid, and smudge with a q-tip. Finish with a quick coat of mascara to the tips of your lashes.

All you need to finish this look is a dab of clear gloss in the center of your lower lip, and you’re off with the minimum of effort.

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3. Perfect Pout

For those days when even a slather of moisturizer, eyeliner and blush is too much effort, have a lip-gloss or lipstick handy in your purse of glove box.

Too Busy To Look Beautiful? 3 Quick Makeup Tips To Get You Radiant & Gorgeous - Choose A Natural Lipstick Shade That Isn't Too Obvious Follow Me on Pinterest

Choose a natural shade that isn’t obvious, otherwise, it will only serve to highlight the lack of color in the rest of your face. A well-chosen shade slicked over lips at the last minute can lift the whole face, and give you a much needed confidence boost to boot.
There you have it, our three top tips for quick morning make up to have you looking beautiful in minutes.

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