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Although the St. John’s Ambulance can provide you with plasters if you need them, it often isn’t worth getting separated from your group or missing your favorite band for. Even the most basic of medical supplies like painkillers can end up costing an arm and a leg from the on-site “supermarket”.

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit Follow Me on Pinterest

When it comes to saving your precious time and money, being prepared and bringing your own gear really is the only option. Here is our list of the top six things to include in your festival med-kit to become the hero of your camp-site, prepared for any drunken situation…

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1. Plenty Of Paracetamol

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When the drinks are going, in the morning after is the last thing on your mind. But once you wake up with no coffee, no cooked breakfast and no big blanket in sight, a couple of paracetamol will really help you get back on your feet to start it all over again the next day.

Be sure to leave yourself a couple of hours after taking them before you start drinking again though, otherwise a sore head might be the least of your problems!

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2. Wet Wipes

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit - Wet Wipes Follow Me on Pinterest

Say hello to your new best friend, the wet wipe.

For the next few days, these guys are going to be your shower, your toilet roll and your bathroom sink. Not only will there guys keep you fresh and ready for whatever the day might throw your way, being the one holding the wipes will give you some serious bargaining power when other less prepared campers realise that hoping the toilets will have bog roll is as futile as hoping to buy a pint for under a fiver.

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3. Diarrhea Medicine

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit - Diarrhea Medicine Follow Me on Pinterest

Nowadays, everyone seems to celebrate the wide selection of unusual and delicious foods being sold on festival sites and many people use this opportunity to try new things.

Unfortunately, this mix of obscure foods and excessive alcohol doesn’t always agree with us, and by the end of a festival weekend, even the most hardy of stomachs can begin to get grouchy.

Even if you don’t think that this will affect you, whipping out the diarrhoea pills when a friend is in need could have a huge impact on their enjoyment of the festival and save you having to escort them to the toilet every half hour.
4. A Massive Pack Of Plasters

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit - A Massive Pack Of Plasters Follow Me on Pinterest

This might not seem particularly important as the most a plaster will help you with is a little cut, but in the filth and the fury of a festival, a small cut can quickly become packed full of grime and stay that way for the duration of the event.

Itching and redness are the signs of infection you will notice at the time, but once you are home, slight itch may have turned into a fully infected septic wound if left exposed to all the festival nastiness.

Think about your last experience with the “long drop” festival toilets for long enough and I’m sure you will start to see my point.
5. Sleeping Pills

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit - Sleeping Pills Follow Me on Pinterest

Most people recommended getting at least one good nights sleep at a festival, but this is something that is usually easier said than done.

The non-stop march of boots meters away from your head, or the suspicious sounding stream of liquid splashing against the next tent over are just a couple of the many things that could stop you from getting your head down for the night.

Luckily, we live in an age where a sound nights sleep is only a capsule away and whether you go for the herbal remedies or straight for the hard stuff, you are sure to feel much better for it, recharged and ready for the day ahead.
6. Purpose-Made Hangover Pills

Top 6 Items To Include In Your Festival First Aid Kit - Purpose-Made Hangover Pills Follow Me on Pinterest

Those of you that suffer particularly badly from dodgy stomachs and hangovers the morning after a heavy night drinking may be worried that it will affect your overall festival experience.

If paracetamol just isn’t going to be enough there are many different types of purpose made hangover cures that typically contain a mixture of aspirin, caffeine and antacids to combat head pain, fatigue and stomach upsets respectively.

Many of these cures dissolve in water, which saves you from choking down giant pills first thing in the morning, and encourage you to drink a pint of water in the process.
Guest article by Sam Shelley, who is working in partnership with Chemist Direct, the largest online retailer of pharmaceuticals and toiletries in the UK.

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