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Is your beauty routine doing more harm than good?

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good Follow Me on Pinterest

Bad habits such as using dirty makeup brushes and sponges, keeping makeup beyond it’s useful shelf life and going to bed without cleansing aren’t doing you any favors.

Here are some of the worst beauty habits (that we found most women are making), as well as how you can break them for good…

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1. Brush It Off

You wouldn’t wash your face with a scummy washcloth, or your hands in dirty water, right? So why would you want to try and make yourself beautiful using a shabby bacteria infested brush?

If you find that the bristles are falling out, caked in old powder or it’s anything less than its best, replace it.

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Care For Your Makeup Brushes By Washing Them In A Mild Shampoo Solution Weekly Follow Me on Pinterest

Also, you’ll want to care for your new makeup brushes by washing them in a mild shampoo solution weekly. Leave them to air dry and store them where they have good ventilation to prevent bacterial build up.

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2. Sleeping Beauty

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Never Sleep With Your Makeup Still On Follow Me on Pinterest

Never sleep on an argument or a made up face, as they both fester overnight into something ugly. Your skin needs to breathe and repair itself overnight, not be caked in yesterday’s makeup.

Unless you want a spotty clock, take a minute or two to wipe it off for a fresh face in the morning.

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3. Shape Your Brows

Get your eyebrows right, and you’ll always look polished.

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - If You Have A Mono-Brow, Shape Them Using A Pair Of Tweezers Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have a mono-brow, it’s time to warm up the tweezers or visit a salon for a shaping. Don’t over pluck though, or you’ll just look permanently surprised.
4. Trust Us; Wear Sunblock

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Sunblock Is An Essential Part Of A Healthy Everyday Skin Care Regime Follow Me on Pinterest

Sunblock isn’t just for summer vacations. It’s an essential part of a healthy every day skin care regime.

It prevents dark spots getting darker and bigger, keeps wrinkles at bay and generally slows the signs of aging on your skin, so incorporate it into your routing.

Alternatively, you can also use a foundation or BB cream with SPF built in.
5. Don’t DIY

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Do Not Use A DIY Face Mask Follow Me on Pinterest

The Internet is a treasure trove of old housewives tips and tricks for keeping your house clean on a budget. It’s also full of recipes for homemade face masks and beauty creams.

While most of these won’t do you any harm, homemade doesn’t necessarily mean safe or good for you any more than natural does. Some fruits are too acidic for the skin, and if the ingredients aren’t fresh they might not act on you the way you expect.
6. Seek Qualified Advice

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Talk To A Dermatologist If You Have A Problem Skin To Find Out How You Should Care For It Follow Me on Pinterest

If you have problem skin, acne or psoriasis, talk to a dermatologist about how you should care for your skin.

Once you’ve found a routine that works for you, don’t change it without checking with them first.
7. Keep Your Fingers Away From The Pimples

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Keep Your Fingers Away From The Pimples Follow Me on Pinterest Click Here. I Cured My Acne - Eliminate Your Acne Naturally Within 8 Weeks. Doctors & Drug Companies Hate This!

Yes, whiteheads and blackheads are embarrassing and unsightly, but so are scars and pockmarks, which is what you can end up with if you keep popping.
8. Blend, Baby, Blend

Caked foundation can be a result of applying too much, failing to remove dead skin by exfoliating regularly, or, and this is most common, failing to blend it properly.

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Foundation Should Be A Thin Coating That Evens Out Imperfections Follow Me on Pinterest

Foundation should be a thin coating that evens out imperfections, leaving you with flawless looking skin, not something that settles into your lines and wrinkles, highlighting them as the day wears on.

Buff your skin in circular motions with a clean powder brush after you’ve applied foundation to remove excess and blend application lines.
9. Bend And Curl

Top 9: Bad Beauty Habits, And How To Break Them For Good - Avoid Wearing Multiple Layers Of Mascara In An Attempt To Make Your Lashes Full And Eyes Wide Follow Me on Pinterest

Avoid applying multiple layers of mascara in an attempt to make your lashes look full and eyes wide by using an eyelash curler.

We know what you’re probably thinking about… Eyelash curlers aren’t as intimidating as they look, and once you know how to use one, you’ll find a quick flick of mascara to the ends of the lashes is all you need for a much better effect.

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