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If you think you are the only one not having sex, think again! Statistics have shown that over 40 million Americans have a “sexless” marriage, only copulating 10 times (at most) throughout the entire year. In fact, women today have far less time than women back in the 50s, which partially contributes to why this is happening.

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) Follow Me on Pinterest

The following seven so-called libido busters have been compiled by experts to explain why this proverbial “dry spell” is happening in our modern age.

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1. Getting Too Distracted

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - Getting Too Distracted With The Demands In The Office, As Well As At Home (With The Children) Follow Me on Pinterest

Women today are busier than ever. Tensions and pressures at work, as well as at home, have an adverse effect on one’s mood. All these will result in you having very little or no desire at all to want to have sex at the end of the day.

What Can You Do: The best thing to do is talk to your partner if you are having problems, and let them know what is happening. By releasing all these inner tension, you can get your lovemaking back on track.

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2. Menopause Finally Hit

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - Menopause Finally Hit Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are experiencing menopause, your estrogen levels are going to plummet, maybe hitting 10% of what used to be. The sex hormone causes arousal, and also allows lubrication to occur, something that goes away when menopause hits.

Since your vaginal tissue is drying out, sex will be painful, and because of that, you’ll find yourself having much lesser lovemaking sessions as before.

What Can You Do: You may want to make an appointment to see your gynecologist and get a prescription that can help you with this problem.

Also, you can also get a topical testosterone, which is something that many postmenopausal women use, along with suppositories or estrogen-based creams which can take care of that vaginal dryness quite effectively.

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3. Not Sleeping Enough

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - Not Sleeping Enough Follow Me on Pinterest

Today, sleep is something that many people don’t get enough of. In fact, the entire nation is chronically sleep deprived, which will add to your inability to deal with stressful situations and also affect your desire for sex.

What You Can Do: Once you get in the bedroom, make sure everything is turned off (including your television, as well as your cellphone). Use earplugs if you have to, or a sleep mask to block out potential visuals.
4. Diminished Sex Drive Due To Medications

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - Diminished Sex Drive Due To Medications Follow Me on Pinterest

Depending upon your age as well as your health, you may be taking a lot of medications which can lower your sex drive. This may include high blood pressure medication, medications for depression, and even drugs for heartburn and birth control.

What You Can Do: See your doctor if you suspect that the drugs that you take are affecting your sex drive, and get something that has fewer overall side effects that are causing the problem.
5. Overly Tuned In

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - Overly Tuned In Follow Me on Pinterest

We live in a modern world with so many electronic gadgets, we just can’t seem to put them down. The distractions of checking our email, and surfing the web with our smartphone, may actually be diminishing our sex drive.

What Can You Do: Make sure that your bedroom is free from technology, and that it is only used for sex and sleeping. This should help fix the problem.
6. You Despise Your Routine

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - You Despise Your Routine Follow Me on Pinterest

Getting into a sexual rut is one of the easiest ways to kill off your sex drive because you are getting bored.

What Can You Do: Although many people may be too shy to try these things, using sex toys, try out different positions, or even watching pornography together, can all help to amp up your sex drive in no time at all.
7. You Really Don’t like Your Body

7 Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex For A Long Time (And How To Fix It) - You Really Don't like Your Body Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are pregnant, or you are struggling with a weight problem, you may not be willing to have sex, a problem that many women are dealing with, especially on an emotional level, today.

What You Can Do: To get yourself turned back on to the whole idea of sex, ask your partner what he likes about your body and use his complements to make yourself feel better.

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