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You probably know one or two of those ‘perfect couples,’ the ones you can’t imagine ever breaking up, or even fighting. Whether they’ve been together 40 years, 15 years, or even just a year or two, they’re perfectly content and totally committed to each other.

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Ever wondered how they achieved that perfect balance and happiness? All couples are different, of course, but here are five things those couples most likely did, and still do.

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1. Accentuate The Positive

Unlock The Keys To A Happy Relationship With Your Partner With These 5 Tips - Criticize As Little As Possible, And Focus On Your Partner's Positive Traits And Compliment Him Frequently And Generously Follow Me on Pinterest

People in happy, successful relationships understand that criticizing their partner too much does nothing but harm their partner’s self-worth and cause resentment.

If you want to stay happy in your relationship, criticize as little as possible, or even not at all, if you can. Instead, focus on your partner’s positive traits by giving compliments frequently and generously.

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2. Strong Communication Leads To Strong Bonds

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Couples who are in happy relationships keep them happy by keeping the lines of communication open, and talking every day. They not only give each other support and affirmation with their words, but they also communicate their affection through physical touch, and have time in their day set aside for intimacy.

To bond with your partner more closely, share your own feelings, and truly listen to what he’s saying when he shares his own. Don’t forget to steal a kiss every now and then to keep your physical bond as strong as your emotional bond.

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3. Your Partner Is a Real, Imperfect Person – Love Him For It!

If your understanding of how relationships work and what they should be like comes entirely from the movies, TV, and novels, you need to be prepared for real life to surprise you, disappoint you, and ultimately broaden your perspective.

Unlock The Keys To A Happy Relationship With Your Partner With These 5 Tips - Love Your Partner For Who He Is Follow Me on Pinterest

Difficulties crop up in every relationship. When they do, automatically assuming that you didn’t choose the right person and need to try again is a big mistake. Couples who have found true happiness found it by loving their partner just the way they really are.
4. Give Each Other Space To Pursue Individual Interests

Couples with happy, healthy relationships have mutual interests, but they have separate interests, too, and they respect each others’ individual interests. They don’t do things together 100% of the time just because they think they should.

Unlock The Keys To A Happy Relationship With Your Partner With These 5 Tips - Happy Couples Respect Each Others' Individual Interests Follow Me on Pinterest

For example, if the couples’ dance classes you’re trying to take together is causing fights and anxiety every week, go ahead and spend that evening out with your friends, and tell your partner he should do the same.

When you take time to do things separately and give your relationship some space, you’re actually demonstrating a commitment to stay together. Think about it – if you’re together all the time, you’ll never have an opportunity to look forward to seeing each other!
5. Surprise Your Partner Every So Often

Unlock The Keys To A Happy Relationship With Your Partner With These 5 Tips - Do Something Unexpected To Surprise Your Partner There And Then To Spice Up And Strengthen Your Relationship Follow Me on Pinterest

Maybe you and your partner have been together so long you can tell each others’ favorite stories from memory, but even then, doing something unexpected for your partner can really strengthen your relationship.

Think about breaking up the monotony of your everyday life in some small way, like catching a movie during the week, or just giving each other your undivided attention for a little while, with no electronic devices to get in the way.
Making the effort to do little things like these can work wonders for your relationship. Have fun making your relationship happier with these tips – you just may be starting on the road to becoming one of those happy couples you admire so much.

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