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Meatless Mondays, farm fresh veggies and adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet are becoming more and more talked about, and for good reason! As it turns out, adopting more of a plant-based diet seems to do even more for your health and body than just slimming the waistline.

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Everyday Health illustrates that an all-vegetarian diet is responsible for lower death rates associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, vegetarians are more likely to be thinner and take on healthier habits like going to the gym and steering clear of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Falling slightly behind the cuff were vegans and pesco-vegetarians (those who consume seafood).

So, while many of us may not be ready to becoming completely vegetarian, you might want to think twice about loading up on meat in every meal. Simple ways to cut out more meat include consuming only one meal that includes beef, poultry or pork, dedicating a whole day to eating only plant-based meals, or choosing to follow a vegetarian diet during the weekdays when you feel less likely to binge or crave unhealthier foods.

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Rory Mycek is a contributor for Everyday Health who keeps up-to-date on all health and nutrition trends and is a firm believer in the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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