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Obesity is rampant in the US, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that surveys show 55% of women in America are eager to lose weight – and fast!

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Of course, diet plays a major role in helping us lose weight healthily, but your exercise routine can play a big part too. Doctors and fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily for health, but if you want to lose weight fast you’ll need to push much harder.

Here are 4 hardcore workouts that can help you burn those calories so you can drop weight fast.

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1. Plyometrics

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Plyometrics is a kind of exercise that was designed to help athletes improve their speed and power. It involves movements that rapidly stretch and contract the muscles to increase strength.

Plyometrics first came to attention when Olympic athletes from the Eastern Europe used it as a way to increase muscle strength. When used properly, it can help you greatly improve your fitness level.

The technique used in plyometrics alternates short periods of high-intensity training with longer-lasting, low-intensity cardio training. This type of workout, called interval training, has been shown to increase the body’s fat burning capacity to lose weight faster.

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2. Weight Lifting

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The fat on your body doesn’t burn many calories, because it mostly just sits there, holding calories for future use. Muscles, on the other hand, do all the work; so it makes sense that they would be responsible for burning a lot of calories. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you tend to burn.

That’s why trainers always suggest working out with weights as well as increasing your cardio level for maximum fat burning potential. Try these workouts:

Supersetting is a type of weight lifting workout that consists of doing two different exercises in rapid succession. For instance, you may choose to do bench presses and dumbbell flies one after the other without resting between. Not only does it build muscle, it elevates the heart rate to extend cardio activity which burns more calories.

Pyramid workouts are another type of weight lifting that helps build more lean muscle. It involves doing three sets of each exercise, using a light weight for the first set, with increasingly heavier weights each subsequent set.

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3. Aerobic Kickboxing

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Aerobic kickboxing is a combination of martial arts with aerobics exercises that creates an intense workout for your entire body.

Not only does it burn calories, it strengthens muscles and cardio while increasing your endurance. The boost to your metabolism will keep your body burning calories at an accelerated rate even after the workout is over.

Using quick repetitions of punches and kicks helps to build muscles and improve balance and agility. The American Council on Exercises says that in a 50 minute session, a 135 lb. person will burn from 350 to 450 calories.
4. Cross Training

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Cross training is a workout where you are combining two or more different types of activities to help increase the intensity. For instance, you may spend a half hour on the treadmill before going out to ride your bike.

Some people choose to cross train by doing a different exercise on different days of the week. For example, you may run on Monday and Wednesday, and do aerobic kickboxing on Tuesday and Thursday.

A great way to really boost your endurance and weight loss capacity is to alternate between short bursts of high-intensity activity and lower-intensity activity, like two minutes of walking with 30 seconds of sprinting. Called interval training, it forces your body to alternate between aerobic and anaerobic energy systems so you burn more fats during your workout.

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