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Overtraining is the negative effects on the body that may result when you workout too often. After working out, your body needs time to repair your muscle tissues, so it’s very important that you give yourself enough rest between workouts.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It? Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’ve really been pushing yourself harder than usual lately and are close to overtraining, you may want to know how to heal from it. This article will give you easy-to-follow advice that can help you avoid the dangers of overtraining.

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1. Eat The Right Kinds Of Foods And Get Enough Sleep

Overtraining is usually the result of pushing too hard in your exercise regimen, but not getting enough sleep and not eating the right foods can also be contributing factors.

Your body gets the nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair your muscles from the foods you eat. In order to make those repairs, it needs time, and the best way to give it that time is to make sure you get sufficient sleep of approximately 6 to 8 hours everyday.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It? - One Of The Ways To Help Your Body Recover From Overtraining Is To Eat Lots Of Healthy, Nutritious Foods, Especially Lean Proteins Follow Me on Pinterest

The fastest way to recover from overtraining is to eat lots of healthy, nutritious foods, especially lean proteins, and get enough sleep every night. Doing both of these things will bring your muscles back to full health in the shortest time possible!

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2. Take Frequent Rests

If overtraining symptoms haven’t hit you yet, you can avoid them by taking good care of yourself now. The most important way to do that is to be sure your body gets plenty of time to rest every week.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It? - The General Rule Of Thumb Is to Take One Day Of Rest For Every Two Days That You Exercise Follow Me on Pinterest

The general rule of thumb is that you should rest one day for every two days that you exercise. That means you should take a break from working out for at least two or three days out of each week.

Doing so is actually more helpful for building muscle strength as compared to working out every single day. Also, giving your muscle some days to rest is often healthier and more beneficial for your muscles than constantly working out without resting them.

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3. Take Long Rests

It’s healthy to give your body a longer break after a strenuous exercise every once in while, to give it a chance to recover completely from the exertion. Even if you’re resting several days out of every week, as described above, it’s very likely that when you start your next workout, your muscles haven’t recovered completely.

Once every several months, designate a period of about eight to ten days as a recovery period. Don’t work out at all during that period, so that your muscles can fully recover and rebuild.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It? - Do Some Light Cardio Workouts If You Can't Resist The Urge To Workout During The Days When You're Supposed To Rest Your Body Follow Me on Pinterest

If you can’t resist the urge to work out during those eight to ten days, just do a light cardio workout. That way, your body will still get a break from the heavy-duty workouts, and at the same time you won’t have to feel bad about not having exercised for so long.
4. Stop, Then Start Again – But Slowly

If you’ve overtrained, the one thing you definitely want to avoid doing is overworking your body again anytime soon. Do not return to your regular exercise routine until after you’ve had a chance to recover fully from the overtraining.

When you’re on the road to recovery and feel ready to start working out again, try scaling back to some lighter workouts first. Later, you can go back to doing more intense workouts.

Don’t forget to get plenty of rest on your non-workout days, so that your muscles have a chance to recover.

What Is Over Training Syndrome, And How Can You Heal From It? - Change To A Different Kind Of Workout Such As From Running To Swimming If You Begin To Suspect That You May Be Overtraining Follow Me on Pinterest

Additionally, whenever you begin to suspect you may be overtraining, change to a different kind of workout. For instance, swim instead of going for a run, or do some cardio exercises instead of weight training. Again, make sure you’re resting in between workouts so you don’t slide back into overtraining.

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