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In order to have a really good marriage, you will need to put in some hard work. Here’s an old saying that goes, “The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary!”

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know Follow Me on Pinterest

Having said that, here are seven good things you can work at to build a strong lifelong marriage…

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1. Keep An Eye On Your Relationships

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Do Not Flirt Too Much With Members Of The Opposite Sex Follow Me on Pinterest

If you are determined to make your marriage a success, then do not flirt too much with members of the opposite sex.

If you flirt too much, then at the back of your mind, you may begin to think of that person as an alternative to your partner in the event of a marriage breakdown. This can leave you weak at times, and make you think why try so hard if you have an alternative?

Likewise, being seen to be too flirty with someone is likely to make your partner feel under threat.

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2. Always Pay Your Partner Full Attention

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Always Pay Full Attention When Your Partner Is Talking To You, As It Is A Sign Of Mutual Respect Follow Me on Pinterest

You should always listen to your partner when they talk to you, as it is a sign of mutual respect. You need to give them your undivided attention. It even helps to nod in agreement occasionally, as it is body language that shows you are listening to them.

If they choose to talk to you right when you are up to your eyes in something important, do not just tell them that you’re busy. You’ll want to also let him know when you’ll be free to talk.

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3. Learn By Experience

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - If You Find Yourself Feeling Tense A Lot When Feeling Hungry, Keep Your Conversation At A Minimum At Those Times Follow Me on Pinterest

We all make mistakes. However, don’t dwell on them but rather, you learn from them. As an example, if you find yourself feeling tense a lot when feeling hungry, keep your conversation to a minimum at those times.

Likewise, if you regularly see that your partner gets annoyed every time you mention a certain relative’s name, then try not to mention that name unless you really have to.
4. Doing Activities You Both Enjoy

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Doing Activities You Both Enjoy, Such As Taking A Walk Together Follow Me on Pinterest

Try and do fun things with your partner. You could exercise together, take a walk together, or find a hobby that you both enjoy doing together.

Doing these type of activities together strengthens and builds your relationship. It also makes it much easier for both of you to put up with any hard times that come along in your marriage.
5. Always Be Polite To Each Other

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Always Be Polite To Each Other Follow Me on Pinterest

Always be polite to your partner, and remember your “Please” and “Thank you’s” when talking to them. Politeness costs you nothing, but it will make them feel respected and appreciated.
6. Do Not Keep A Score

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Do Not Keep A Score Follow Me on Pinterest

Do not be the type of person to walk around keeping an eye on your partner making sure that he doing his share of the household workload.

You should instead see that it does not matter if one of you has to do more than 50% of the work that has to be done around the house. If you have to make sure that the workload is split 50/50 then so much tension will be put into your marriage that it may well breakdown.

So do not keep too much track or score points as to who does the most around the house.
7. Respect Each Other’s Privacy

What Makes A Happy Marriage? 6 Secrets Happy Couples Know - Never Go Through Your Spouse's Belongings Out Of Curiousity Follow Me on Pinterest

Never go through your spouse’s belongings out of curiosity, or just to make them look tidy. We all need our privacy, so make sure that you respect your spouse’s.

Also, do not repeat what your spouse has said to other people, as you do not know what they may want to keep as a secret.

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