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As we enter our 40s and older, we tend to run away from makeup. We apply very little makeup in hopes it will do the trick only to see a dull, drab appearance looks awful. Gradually, we just give up on wearing makeup altogether.

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips Follow Me on Pinterest

With a few tips and understanding what works and what doesn’t, can give you a great appearance and youthful glow.

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1. Moisturizer Is A Must

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Moisturizer Is A Must Follow Me on Pinterest

Before applying any makeup, you should apply a really good moisturizer, as if your skin is dry, line and wrinkles will become more prominent. Also, your skin tone will appear dull.

Applying moisturizer will help to soften wrinkles and give you younger looking skin.

When it comes to applying moisturizer, many women know applying a night moisturizer will help with the anti-aging process, but often overlook the importance of applying moisturizers before applying makeup.

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2. Primer Isn’t Just For Paint

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Primer Isn't Just For Paint Follow Me on Pinterest

Think about it, professional painters apply a paint primer on walls to cover up imperfections in order to have a great surface before applying paint.

Well, the same is true with makeup primer. A primer will conceal fine lines and wrinkles and cover pores for a more porcelain complexion. By using a primer after moisturizing, it will give your skin a more youthful appearance and it also allow your makeup to last all day long.

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3. Understanding Your Foundation

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Understanding Your Foundation Follow Me on Pinterest

All foundations are not the same. When choosing the best foundation for your skin, stay away from formulas that are matted and have a drying affect.

As you age, your skin will naturally start to dry out. Using foundations that work toward drying out skin oils will leave your face looking dull and will accentuate lines and wrinkles.

Choose a foundation that is luminous with light-reflecting particles – These foundations will make your face radiant and will hide any surface flaws that are not concealed by your primer.

If your skin type is oily, your primer should take care of any excessive oils.
4. Fighting Eye Slag

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Fight Eye Slag By Applying A Soft, Black Eyeliner Pencil, Then Use A Q-Tip, To Pull The Liner Up And Past The Outer Corner Of Your Eyes Follow Me on Pinterest

Unfortunately, as we age, our eyes seem to slag or droop at the outer corners.

Apply a soft, black eyeliner pencil, then use a Q-tip, or a smudge tool, to pull the liner up and out past the outer corner of your eyes. This will give your eyes the appearance of an eyelift.

If a black liner seems too harsh for your complexion, try a dark brown, but stay away from color eyeliners.
5. Large Youthful Eyes

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - To Get Large Youthful Eyes, Try Using A Glimmer Shadow As A Highlighter And Curl Your Lashes Follow Me on Pinterest

Try using a glimmer shadow as a highlighter and curl your lashes. It will make your eyes appear larger and more youthful.
6. Become Vibrant And Alive

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Use A Powder/Cream Blush To Capture A Vibrant, Youthful Glow On Your Face Follow Me on Pinterest

As we age, our skin loses skin tone and color. Our once youthful, bright cheeks seem to take on a lack-luster, dull tone. Good news though – with a little color, you can capture a vibrant, youthful glow to your face.

Apply a powder blush or cream blush over your cheeks, moving in a circular motion. Always make sure you are blending the edges into your skin, keeping the concentration of color in the center.

Choose a color that works well with your particular complexion and stay away from “unnatural” shades, they won’t look right.
7. Where’d My Lips Go?

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Draw A Lip Line Using A Smooth Lip Liner To Help Keep Your Lipstick In Place And Make Your Lips Appear Larger And More Defined Follow Me on Pinterest

Your natural lip line seems to fade away as you age, making your lips look a great deal smaller. Also, with the fading of your lip line, your lips are prone to chapping and bleeding.

Use a smooth lip liner to draw your lip line. This will help keep your lipstick in place and make your lips appear larger and more defined.
8. Perk Up Your Lips

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Choose A Neutral Shade Such As Rose, For Lips That Accentuate Your Skin Tone Follow Me on Pinterest

Choose a neutral shade, such as rose, for your lips that accentuate your skin tone, hence giving you a brighter appearance.

Stay away from lipsticks that are nude tones, they will make your lips drab. Also, stay away from bronzers, as they will give your face a sallow look.
9. Be Conservative With Your Makeup

Wipe Years Off Your Face With These 9 Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tips - Be Conservative With Your Makeup Follow Me on Pinterest

Always apply your make up conservatively. The whole idea is to peel back a few years and look healthy and youthful. If you over due the amount of make up you put on, you will defeat the purpose. Packing make up on will make you look older than you really are.

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, apply a tiny dot of concealer to the inner corners of your eyes. If you have sun spots, place a tiny amount of concealer on the spots directly. Do not over apply foundations, shadows or blushes, you will not like the outcome.

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