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Whilst women may have been accused of feigning headaches as an excuse to get out of certain activities, a new infographic from Napiers has revealed the shocking truth that we’re actually more susceptible to migraines.

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According to the research, one in ten Americans suffer from migraines, accounting for 18% of women compared to just 6% of men. In total this amounts to an estimated 36 million sufferers with around 3% of the population suffering chronic migraines where more than 2 weeks of a 6 month period are plagued by symptoms.

Unfortunately, those who suffer from the medical complaint (which manifests itself through symptoms ranging from visual disturbance to noise sensitivity, intense pain in the forehead and nausea) are also more susceptible to depression and sleep disorders – giving us women justification for other common complaints we endure.

With migraines undiagnosed in approximately 50% of cases as sufferers fail to seek medical advice, many women could even be suffering in silence.

Claimed to cost the US government an estimated $20 billion, perhaps it’s time we started paying more attention to migraines.

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Guest post by James Kanning, who regularly writes for Napiers, one of Britain’s oldest natural healthcare and herbal remedies company.

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