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We all want that brilliant, voluminous hair that we see on the girls in the adverts.

Unfortunately, in our attempts to get that perfect hair, we have a tendency to do things to it that damage it, making it difficult to get that beautiful mane we so desire. The heat from blow dryers or curling and flat irons can scorch and break your hair if not used correctly.

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Here are some tips on using those appliances so that you keep damage to minimum and get the shiny, bouncy hair you’re looking for.

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1. Blow Dryer

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Wet hair holds water under the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair. When you blow dry with hot air, it causes bubble to form in the water, stressing and breaking the hair shaft. And this leads to dull and damaged split ends. Hence, the more frequently you blow dry, the worse the damage can be.

Minimize the risk by only blow-drying when necessary. When you do blow out your hair, towel dry first then use low heat. And turn it off as soon as your hair is dry.

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2. Curling & Flat Irons

Your Hairstyling Tools May Be Ruining Your Hair! - Curling & Flat Irons Follow Me on Pinterest

Styling tools like flat irons, curling irons and crimping irons are great for getting amazing style, but they can do some pretty serious damage. You see, water boils at 212 degrees, and heating hair above that can cause the moisture in your hair to actually boil, forming bubbles inside the shaft, damaging the cuticle and causing breakage.

Avoid using your hot tools too often to keep damage to a minimum. When you do use them, avoid holding them in one spot for a long time; move them fluidly down the length of the hair.

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3. Hot Rollers

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Hot rollers are double trouble. Not only are they hot, there is danger in rolling them up too tight and putting too much tension at the root. This can cause damage to the follicle, which leads to hair falling out. So don’t roll too tightly!
4. Pressing Hair With Hot Comb

Your Hairstyling Tools May Be Ruining Your Hair! - Pressing Hair With Hot Comb Follow Me on Pinterest

Like other hot tools, a hot comb can cause “bubble hair”, the condition where moisture in the hair boils and damages the hair shaft, making it more likely to break and split.

Pressing with a hot comb is best done by a hair care professional who will know how to use the comb correctly to avoid damage. Also, hair should be pressed no more than once a week.
5. Bobby Pins

Your Hairstyling Tools May Be Ruining Your Hair! - Bobby Pins Follow Me on Pinterest

Bobby pins can be a cute way to keep hair in place, but they can also cause damage. They grip into the hair and can cut into the shaft, causing damage. If you frequently use them to style your hair, you’ll soon see breakages.

Either use them less often, or use them in different spots so that you don’t get damage from repeated use.
6. Elastic Bands

Your Hairstyling Tools May Be Ruining Your Hair! - Elastic Bands Follow Me on Pinterest

Elastic bands have some of the same problems as bobby pins; they grip the hair tightly but can cause fraying at the point where they are placed. If you frequently tie your hair into ponytails, you may soon see breakage at the spot where the band holds your hair.

You can reduce the damage by using special pony tail holders that are wrapped in a soft, thick fabric. Never use rubber bands – they tangle too tightly and will break hair.
7. Comb

Your Hairstyling Tools May Be Ruining Your Hair! - Comb Follow Me on Pinterest

You may think that a comb is the safest thing you could use on your hair, but combing hair straight through from the top can snag and break hair easily. When you detangle your hair with a comb, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Always use a wide toothed comb – wood or plastic is best. Never use metal combs, which can cut into the hair.

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