Fight Fatigue: 7 Ways To Boost Your Energy

We've all been there. It's 2PM in the office and you feel your eyelids closing and your head dropping over your keyboard. Instead of reaching out for sweets or caffeine for a quick boost, try out these 7 smart solutions to wake you up from that after-lunch coma and get your afternoon back on track...

Category: Women's Health

After-Workout Recovery: 7 Things You Can (And Should) Do To Speed Recovery After A Workout

Exercise can place an enormous amount of stress on the body. Resistance training in particular creates small micro-tears in the muscle tissue. It's vital that these small tears are repaired, which is why the recovery routine is just as important as the workout itself. Use these 7 tips to speed up your post-workout recovery...

Category: Fitness

How To Rebuild Trust In A Marriage (After It’s Been Damaged)

When you get married, you are giving your heart to another person, trusting that he is going to take care of it. We have the expectation that our spouse will always be the one person we can rely on. That's why it's so devastating when a partner lies, breaks promises, or cheats. But trust that has been broken can be rebuilt; here are 5 steps that can help make it work...

Category: Dating & Romance

How To Add Volume To Hair

Are you tired of thin, limp and, lifeless hair? Or are you looking to add some volume and body to your lackluster locks? You'll be happy to know that it can be done! We've put together 7 proven hairstyling hacks that will give you full, voluminous hair that you love...

Category: Hair Care

How To Boost Female Libido

Can you remember a time when you couldn’t wait to throw your man down and tear all of his clothes off in a fit of passion? If you’ve been lacking with the sex drive of late, you probably won’t be consoled by world experts telling you that low libido is quite a common occurrence in bedrooms all across the country. In this article, you'll find 7 of the most effective strategies that'll help you get back into the swing of things...

Category: Sex Tips

How To Clean Up Your Diet While Still Eating The Foods You Love

"Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym." Have you heard this saying before? While exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, but if you are interested in dropping a few pounds and toning up your waistline then it's time to take a closer look at your diet. Here are 4 ways you can drastically improve your diet without going cold turkey on your favorite foods...

Category: Fat Loss

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Do you ever look at the pictures of models and actresses and wonder just how it is they get their eyes to look so amazing? They have professional makeup artists that know all the tricks for making eyes look huge! So we've rounded up 10 tips from the makeup experts that will help you have eyes just like the ladies on the red carpet...

Category: Makeup Tips

How To Prevent Breast Cancer (Or Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Getting One)

The sad fact is that 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer over the course of their lives. Given these figures, it’s no wonder that just about every women spends at least some time worrying about the eventuality. While you can’t reduce your chances to zero, here are a few things you can do now that will significantly reduce your odds...

Category: Women's Health

7 Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry itchy skin is never pleasant. The cold winter months only serve to make it worse and many turn to buying over the counter remedies that don’t work, and are usually expensive. So what’s the solution to soothing that itchy scratchy skin of yours? Read the rest of this article to find seven home remedies that will help the smooth out your skin and soothe the itching...

Category: Skin Care

Summer Hair Care: How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun During The Summer Months

After a long, cold winter like this year, most of us are eager to get out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. But just like you need to protect your skin with a sunblock, your hair also needs protection from harmful UV rays. Here are 7 tips for summer hair care that will keep your hair healthy and glowing even in the sunniest weather!

Category: Hair Care

7 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

Whatever the latest fad diet may be telling you, the only safe, effective, and permanent way to lose weight is to ensure your body gets a regular supply of healthy nutritious food and lots of exercise. That said, here are 7 best exercises to get your weight loss efforts back on track today...

Category: Fitness

How To Communicate With Your Husband

Obviously, you and your partner do communicate, but getting into an argument about who forgot to buy the milk isn't a great example of healthy communication. To help you and your partner return to your old time chatting skills, we've devised a list of tips to really break the ice of stony cold silence...

Category: Dating & Romance

How To Strengthen Your Nails To Prevent Breakages

Keratin - the protein which makes up your fingernails - is pretty tough stuff. But with the daily abuse we constantly subject our nails to such as extremely hot water, detergents, and harsh cleaners, our nails can have a tough time keeping up and looking their best. To help you keep your nails strong and supple, we've outlined the following tips...

Category: Nail Care

How To Curb Your Appetite Naturally

If you've ever tried to reduce your food portions, you know how hard it can be to feel hungry all the time! We're so used to supersized portions that when we start eating sensibly, our bodies rebel and our stomachs scream for more food! Here are 7 natural, simple actions you can take to kick your hunger to the curb and take control of your own body...

Category: Fat Loss

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