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Sometimes, couples find themselves stuck in the sexual routine: in the bed, same time, same position. Boring!

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’re thinking about changing your routine up a little, why not take it out of the bedroom? Start with this list of five great places to get a little raunchy in your home:

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1. On The Kitchen Table

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom - On The Kitchen Table Follow Me on Pinterest

Food and sex – our two most carnal pleasures. Why not have sex in the same place you satisfy your other appetites? You might even try grabbing a can of whipped cream out of the fridge before you get started!

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2. On Top Of The Washing Machine

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom - On Top Of The Washing Machine Follow Me on Pinterest

Women will know what we’re talking about: the vibrations of the washing machine can have an effect on her that is anything but clean! So throw in a load of clothes and get on there – you just might start looking forward to laundry day!

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3. In The Shower

This seems like a given, but if you haven’t tried sex in the shower you don’t know what you are missing! The water and soap can lead to a slippery, sexy good time.

Take turns washing each other – the water won’t be the only thing that’s hot and steamy.

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom - In The Shower Follow Me on Pinterest

If standing up in the shower is a little more than you can handle, the bathtub is a good alternative; all the benefits of hot water and soap bubbles, and at the same time, less chance of slipping and falling.
4. On The Couch

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom - On The Couch Follow Me on Pinterest

Sometimes TV gets a little boring, especially when there’s nothing but reruns. Why not slide off your clothes and surprise him with a quickie on the sofa? It has the added benefit of feeling a little dangerous, especially with the front door right there!
5. In The Bathroom

5 Places For Sex Outside Of Your Bedroom - In The Bathroom, In Front Of A Mirror Follow Me on Pinterest

I know we already mentioned the shower, but that’s not the only benefit of the bathroom. If your bathroom has a mirror, stand in front of it bent over the sink or vanity while your partner goes at you from behind. You both get an exciting view!

Of course, don’t forget to lock the door if there’s anyone else at home.

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