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Having sex in the shower can be treacherous. When you’re going at it hammer and tongs all concerns for safety are cast aside while you live in the moment.

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s no surprise then that injuries do occur, but with a little planning you can make sex in the shower as comfortable as in the safe confines of the bedroom (well… nearly).

Here’s some quick tips on how you can make the most of shower time fun.

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1. Give Each Other A Good Lathering

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Give Each Other A Good Lathering Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s no hurry to get into the full sex act just yet, take your time and enjoy the moment.

While you’re both under the hot steamy shower, give each other a good lathering. Shampoo and conditioner are both equally as good for this. You could also use a full body wash specifically made for just such an occasion. Make sure you cover each other as much as possible, all the way up to the neck in fact.

Have a nice and intimate cuddle while both of you rub each others’ back with a loofah.

To relax even more, and if you have the room, the woman can sit on the man’s lap with her arms wrapped around him.

Feel the love and enjoy the intimacy as your slippery bodies start to get all tingly and aroused.

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2. Start With Oral Pleasures

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Start With Oral Pleasures Follow Me on Pinterest

There’s nothing quite like running hot water to make everything fresh, so if you normally feel a bit squeamish about giving oral at the end of a hot and sweaty day, you shouldn’t be too concerned as the shower is the perfect place for it.

Both parties need to get in on this so no one has to feel like they are being left out. If your shower stall is big enough, you may have enough room to pleasure each other at the same time. If not, you’ll just have to take turns. Who knows, this may be the perfect excuse to finally get that much needed bathroom renovation!

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3. Get Clean With Your Dirty Things

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Give Each Other To Do More Lathering, But This Time, Linger On Each Others' Special Bits As You Do So Follow Me on Pinterest

All the shampoo, conditioner or body wash has probably disappeared by now, so it’s time to do some more lathering. This time however, make sure you linger on each others’ special bits as you do so.

It won’t be long before all that rubbing, scrubbing, and lightly probing fingers will have you raring and ready to go.

Handheld showers are also perfect at stimulating the erogenous zones, so make sure you get one installed for maximum effect.
4. Foreplay First

If you’ve got a good-sized mirror, then there’s nothing more erotic than checking yourselves out as you stimulate each other with some strategic fondling. It’s kind of like watching an erotic movie, but with you and your partner as the stars.

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Kissing Feels So Much Better When It's Done Under The Shower Follow Me on Pinterest

Kissing also feels so much better when it’s done under the shower. The water just adds to the lubrication and makes the act that much more sensuous.
5. Position, Position, Position!

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Everyone Has A Different Style That's Most Comfortable To Them When Doing It In The Shower Follow Me on Pinterest

Everybody has a different style that is most comfortable for them when doing it in the shower. There’s no such thing as one position being better than another as personal preference is king in this regard. Of course, the more flexible you are, the more fun you are likely going to have given the limited real estate at your disposal.

Having said that, there are some positions that are going to be inherently more comfortable than others, whatever your preferences may be. The missionary position needs to be achieved with a slight modification if you are doing it under a running shower. The girl will need to lie down and bend her knees to accommodate the guy who will still be mounting her from above.

Doggy style, where the girl gets down on all fours while the guy enters her from behind, can still be accomplished but could be a little rough on the knees, so make sure you use some sort of padding, such as a towel.

A very safe position is one where the guy sits down with his legs straight out in front of him while the girl straddles him. A towel may also be needed for comfort in this case as well.

5 Steamy Ways To Have Sex In The Shower - Sex In The Shower Is Very Rewarding But It May Take A Little Practice To Get It Right Follow Me on Pinterest

Sex in the shower is very rewarding but may take a little practice to get it right. Cramping is probably inevitable for first timers but it’s not likely that you will notice, at least for a while.

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