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One of the keys to a healthy relationship is have a good understanding of each other. That’s why we gathered together a few things about your man that you might not be aware of – and tell you how you can respond to them.

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Man Follow Me on Pinterest

1. Men Have Feelings Too!

It might be hard to believe, but in many ways, men are more emotionally affected by things than women are.

The thing is, unlike women, men are trained from an early age not to let their feelings show. That makes men like the ocean on a calm day; motionless on the surface, but crazy currents swirling underneath.

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Man - Men Have Feelings Too! Follow Me on Pinterest

As a woman, it’s up to you to encourage your man to let his feelings show – at least when he’s with you. Let him know you think it’s much braver to show them than to hide them.

If you can inspire him to talk more about how he feels, you can help him learn to let go of the stress and tension that he’s keeping bottled up, which can not only help his attitude, but even improve his health.

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2. Sex Means More Than You Think

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Despite the stereotypes we see on TV, most men really do long to have a solid partnership with their girlfriend or wife. Sex matters to them because it is a literal demonstration of the bond that you have.

So when he’s pestering you for a little action, remember that it really does mean more than “just sex” to him; for him, it proves that your relationship is solid.

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3. Men Are Searching For Commitment

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We often hear that men “can’t be faithful”, and they certainly seem to value their independence; but they also prize faithfulness and loyalty. When you pledge yourself to your man, you’re filling a fundamental need for him.

When he knows that you’re committed to be there for him, he will let you know it’s appreciated. It might not be with flowers or jewelry, but he’ll make sure that you know how he feels.

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4. Men Want Communication

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Most men like to talk; just ask them how their favorite sports team is doing!

They may want to talk about their thoughts, plans and fears – but they aren’t sure what kind of response it might get. So they keep quiet on their deepest thoughts, because they fear the chance of rejection.

It’s up to you to share your feelings with your man; ask him questions and be nonjudgmental about the answers. This is the way to encourage more openness from him, and that’s a good thing.
5. Your Looks Don’t Matter As Much To Him As You Think They Do

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Man - Your Looks Don't Matter As Much To Him As You Think They Do Follow Me on Pinterest

Of course, looks attract a man, and men like to look at women – no one’s going to deny it. But when it comes to their relationship and the woman they want to settle down with, looks aren’t the most important thing.

Men want a woman who is smart, who has a witty sense of humor and a heart full of compassion.

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