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If there’s one point on which men and women can agree in the area of beauty, it’s that acne is a pain. Pimples can pop up at any age with no warning, leaving the victim with no recourse but to rush to their neighborhood drugstore for a remedy.

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However, most of the remedies available there have side effects beyond eliminating the blemish – they irritate and dry out your skin, leaving it red and flaky.

Instead of these harsh chemical treatments, try one of the following all-natural home remedies to get rid of your pimples.

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1. A Hot Washcloth

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Soak a washcloth in hot water, and place it over your pimples as a compress. The heat dilates the blood vessels in the area. Splashing cold water onto the area afterward helps take away skin redness, as well as helping to loosen the sebum that has built up in your pores.

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2. An Ice Cube

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Ice cubes won’t get rid of pimples, but they will reduce their inflammation. They will also help to bring down the swelling in large, cystic pimples.

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3. Toothpaste

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Because of its antibacterial properties, toothpaste has a remarkable effect on pimples. Use regular toothpaste (not the gel kind – it doesn’t work as well) all over the pimple, and you’ll cut the time it takes for the pimple to go away in half.
4. Cucumber

6 All-Natural Tips To Help Banish Your Blemishes - Cucumber Slices Follow Me on Pinterest

Cucumber slices are well known for their ability to make eyes lest puffy, but they work just as well to reduce the swelling of pimples. Cold slices of cucumber are very soothing on breakouts.
5. Aspirin

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Aspirin is an effective home remedy for breakouts because the beta hydroxy acid in it helps unclog pores. To use it on a pimple, crush it and use some water to turn a pill into a topical paste that you can apply to your pimples. Within hours of application, your pimple will be smaller.
6. Garlic And Tea Tree Oil

6 All-Natural Tips To Help Banish Your Blemishes - Crushed Garlic, Along With Tea Tree Oil, Are A Good Antidote To Help Banish Your Acne Follow Me on Pinterest

Garlic and tea tree oil are among the best natural antibiotics, and are therefore highly effective natural treatments for acne.

Tea tree oil is extracted from the melaleuca tree. Its scent is very distinctive, yet pleasant. When applied to a blemish, tea tree oil penetrates the skin and kills bacteria, helping the skin heal more quickly. Crushed garlic, when rubbed onto broken-out skin, behaves in the same way. Of course, garlic has a distinctive scent, too, and it’s probably not one you want to have clinging to your skin if you’re planning on an evening out.
You don’t need to resort to harsh chemical treatments to restore your beautiful, clear skin. Some items you may already have in the house can get rid of your blemishes for you, without drying out or further irritating your skin.

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