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We’ve all had those days that no matter how good our intentions are, we just can’t seem to get up and get to the gym. But don’t let it get you down – there are exercises you can do at home to benefit both body and mind.

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym Follow Me on Pinterest

This article has seven different exercise alternatives for those days you just can’t make it to the gym.

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1. Lunges

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym: Illustration Of A Lunge Exercise Follow Me on Pinterest

As you walk to the bus stop or train station in the morning, why not throw in a few walking lunges to get the old heart pumping? You’ll wake up muscles and mind and feel fit by the time you get to the office.

Of course, you may get a few odd glances, but it should be clear that you’re doing some exercise – don’t worry about them!

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2. Seated Hip Rolls On A Chair

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym: This Exercise Can Be Performed While Sitting In The Car Driving At A Stoplight Where You Tighten Up Your Abdominal Muscles And Roll Your Hips Backwards And Frontwards Follow Me on Pinterest

While sitting in your car at a stoplight or at your computer at work, here’s a great core exercise you can do:

Tighten up your abdominal muscles and roll your hips back and frontwards. Do it ten times, then rest a moment and do it again.

You can also get some great ab work in by holding your abs tight then alternate lifting one hip and then the other.

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3. Calf Raises

Another great seated exercise is the calf raise.

You have to keep your knees bent for this exercise, so it’s a great one to do when you’ve got to be seated for long periods of time. It’s very simple to do; you simply roll your heel up and down. When you bring the heel down to the ground, lift the toes up.

Add a little more challenge to this exercise by putting a book on your thighs to add a little extra weight.
4. Overhead Lifts

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym: You Can Choose To Lift A Box Overhead To Exercise Your Upper Arms And Deltoids Follow Me on Pinterest

You can even fit in exercises while shopping or cooking! The grocery store and the kitchen are great places to get in some overhead lifts – exercise for your upper arm and deltoids.

In the store, take anything with a little weight to it – water bottle, soup can, bag of beans – and hold it at chest level. Next, lift it up over head, straightening your arms so that they’re next to your ears, then lower it back to your chest. Repeat this exercise twenty times.

In the kitchen, take a pot of vegetables that you’ve prepared for cooking and raise it straight up over your head. Hold in this position for one minute. This is for the core, and improves balance as well as posture.

Want a little more challenge? Do some calf raises while holding the pot overhead.
5. Counter Pushups And Planks

If you’re running errands and need to wait at a pick-up counter, here’s a perfect little exercise you can squeeze in.

Lean forward onto the counter, holding your weight up with your arms, and do a few pushups off of it. Or, do side plank: placing your right hand on the counter, leave your left hand at your side. Lower you right hip and hold, then switch side. This is a great little stretch for the external obliques.
6. Squats

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym: Illustration Of A Squat Exercise Follow Me on Pinterest

While watching TV, you can get in a mini workout at each commercial break. Stand up from your seat, then start to sit again, but stop right before you actually touch the chair, and then stand up again. Do as many of these as you can before your show starts again.

When the programs starts back up, squat down over your seat and hold it for 30 seconds. This is an amazing workout for your thighs and gluts; see how many you can do in each commercial break!
7. Planks

7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym: Illustration Of A Plank Position Follow Me on Pinterest

Want to get your heart rate up but don’t have much time? Get down in the plank position with your elbows and toes supporting your weight. Bring your right knee up to meet your right triceps – without touching the ground. Return to the start position, and then do your left knee.

Do as many repetitions as possible in thirty seconds.

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