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Choosing foundation for your face is like choosing a canvas for a painting. You have to choose the right one in order for the finished work to come out right. Finding the best foundation for you will help you have a flawless finish.

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It’s a twofold process – you need a product made for your skin type in the correct shade for your coloring. Read on to find out how to get it right:

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Matching Foundation To Your Skin Tone

Your foundation and your skin should be the same color. Visit the beauty counters in a few top-end stores and ask for recommendations for matching foundation to your skin tone and type.

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You’ll need to apply a test of the makeup to your jaw line. Forget that old trick of trying it on your hand – you need to match your face!

Next, head outside or near a window where there is natural light. With the help of a mirror, choose the foundation that blends best with your skin color – it should be nearly invisible, with a good texture.

You may feel a little goofy walking outside with stripes of make-up on your face, but finding the right shade now is better than spending the next year with a orange foundation mask.

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Different Types Of Foundation

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Back in the day, there were very few options in foundation, but these days, there is something for everyone.

For young skin, the right foundation is a great confidence builder as it can disguise problems like red spots or oily foreheads. For those with more mature skin, there are foundations that have anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients to help reduce the appearance of lines and keep skin looking younger.

There are a variety of textures to choose from, like powder, cream-to-powder (applies like a cream, but dries to a powder finish), cream or liquid.

You can also choose foundations that contain sun block. Most use titanium oxide, which blocks the sun’s damaging UV rays to protect your skin.

Even if you work indoors all day, a foundation with SPF protection is a good idea, as you are still exposed to some levels of UV radiation.

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i. Foundation For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you need to avoid oil-free foundation formulas. The best choices for you are hydrating formulas in an oil base. They help to lock in moisture and give your skin a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Our skin gets drier as we mature, and oil-free foundations are too heavy, giving that unattractive mask-like appearance that we’ve all seen.

The newest foundations for mature skin have anti-aging ingredients and moisturizers included.
ii. Foundation For Oily Skin

If you have oilier skin, you should use an oil-free foundation – but make sure that it is a light formula with lasting coverage.

Do you have shiny nose and forehead syndrome? Look for a matte foundation – they are available with powders that absorb the oil, preventing the shine.

Another popular choice is mineral powder foundation which also soaks up oil, keeping skin shine-free.
iii. Foundation For Combination Skin

Combination skin is one of the most difficult to deal with, as you have to combat shine while also keeping the dry areas hydrated.

Foundations for this skin type will combine shine-fighting ingredients of powder foundations with the moisturizing ingredients of hydrating foundations.
iv. Foundation For Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive with frequent break-outs, you should choose a foundation that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Going with powder foundation is often the best choice. Water based foundations often use preservatives which can be a big factor in triggering skin irritations; dry powder foundations avoid this issue.
v. Mineral Foundation

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One of the biggest new trends in make up is the mineral foundation; many brands are now offering products with a mineral base.

Mineral foundations contain finely ground rocks (mica) and are a great option for those with sensitive skin. They contain no additives and since they are a powder don’t use preservatives.

What’s more, it’s non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores.
vi. Light-Reflecting Foundation

This is a great choice for older women with fine lines. The foundations have pigment which helps reflect light, giving skin a more youthful glow. It also contains a light-diffuser, which will help reduce the appearance of those fine lines.

It’s almost like being able to airbrush the flaws off your face!

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