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Why is it that, after putting in so much time and effort to exercise, you still can’t seem to get rid of that last pound of flab?

Avoid These 4 Exercise Mistakes If You Want To Be Fit Follow Me on Pinterest

We have interviewed many individuals in a recent study, and we concluded that it could very well be down to these 4 exercise mistakes most individuals make. Find out what these mistakes are in this article…

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1. Lack Of Variety

Having the same fitness routine every day can cause all sorts of problems – everything from injury or muscle strain to downright boredom.

It will also sabotage your progress, and can cause you to “plateau,” or level off on your fitness. To keep advancing, you need to switch your routines up.

Avoid These 4 Exercise Mistakes If You Want To Be Fit - The Best Exercise Routine Involves A Good Mix Of Variety Of Exercise Styles, Such As Cardio To Burn Calories, Strength Training To Build Muscles, And Yoga For Flexibility Follow Me on Pinterest

The best routine involves a good mix of a variety of exercise styles: cardio for your heart and to burn calories; strength training to tone and build muscle; and stretching (like Pilates or yoga) for flexibility.

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2. Doing All Or Nothing

Do you skip exercising when you don’t have enough time for your entire workout routine?

No excuse!

Avoid These 4 Exercise Mistakes If You Want To Be Fit - You Should Make Sure You Do Some Exercises Everyday, Regardless Of How Much Time You Have Follow Me on Pinterest

If you’ve only got 15 minutes of spare time, do 15 minutes of exercise. A quick warm up, jogging in place, jumping rope or a walk around your block; any of it is better than doing nothing. Doing something every day is the key.

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3. Setting Goals You Can’t Achieve

Avoid These 4 Exercise Mistakes If You Want To Be Fit - Do Not Set Fitness Goals That Are Unrealistic Follow Me on Pinterest

Having unrealistic fitness goals cause you to get frustrated and give up.

It’s great to have a big fitness goal, like to lose 100 pounds or to run a marathon). But the way to achieve it is to break it up into manageable chunks: lose 5 pounds this month, for instance. And celebrate your achievements! You’ll feel motivated to continue.
4. Not Warming Up Properly

Avoid These 4 Exercise Mistakes If You Want To Be Fit - You Need To Make Sure You Warm Up Properly Prior To Any Workouts Follow Me on Pinterest

Every time that you work out, you need to start by warming up the muscles and joints that you’ll be using. Make sure to do some light stretching, too. It’s important to avoid unnecessary strain that can lead to injuries, and will keep you on track with your goals.

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