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Regardless of whether or not you’ve had a good night sleep the previous night, many of us will experience what is often called the “mid-afternoon slump”, where we start to feel sleepy and struggling to keep our eyes open. This is especially true for those who have had a heavy lunch.

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! Follow Me on Pinterest

Very often, mid-afternoon sleepiness can cut into our productivity and cause us to fall behind.

That said, there a couple of things you can do that will help overcome your “afternoon drowsiness”, and in this article, we shall take a look at some of the most effective tips that work:

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1. Be Mindful Of What You Eat For Lunch

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! - Be Mindful Of What You Eat For Lunch Follow Me on Pinterest

A lot of how you feel depends on what you eat. So, what you eat for lunch is very important if you want to stay alert and on track.

If you want to beat the mid-afternoon slump, then it’s important that foods you eat should contain the following nutrients that will help to encourage energy production in our bodies:
i. Iron

Iron is an important nutrient because it helps carry oxygen throughout the body by encouraging the production of hemoglobin.
ii. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are also important as they are converted into glucose (sugar), which is the fuel the body burns to provide energy.

However, it is possible to overdo carbs, such as consuming too many high carbohydrate snacks like potato chips, over doing the French fries or eating sandwiches that are really mostly just bread.

A word of warning, feeling weak or tired after eating carbohydrates can be a sign of the onset of serious illness like diabetes. If you consistently feel tired after eating carbs or become exhausted after eating, you should see a doctor.

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! - Limit Your Intake Of Highly Processed Foods Such As Luncheon Meat Follow Me on Pinterest

Above all, you should also limit the intake of highly processed foods like luncheon meat, TV dinners and fast food. These foods often contain a great deal of sugar in addition to carbohydrates and while they may give you a quick energy boost, you body can crash after the boost wears off and you will feel exhausted.

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2. Do Some Simple Exercises Before Resuming Work

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! - Do Simple Exercises Such As Brisk Walking Before Starting To Work Again After Lunch Follow Me on Pinterest

Another way to overcome sleepiness after eating is to take a brisk walk around the block or do simple exercises such as push-ups for five minutes before getting back to work.

Even going outdoors in bright sunlight is helpful, as natural sunlight stimulates the production of chemicals in the brain that will wake you up.

If you want something simpler, you can perform some simple deep breathing exercises at your desk for about five minutes or so before you continue to work.

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3. Make Sure You Drink Enough Water

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! - Make Sure You Drink Enough Water Follow Me on Pinterest

Sleepiness can also result from dehydration.

Most people do not drink enough water. Instead they substitute energy boost drinks or coffee to increase energy when drinking water is a primary way to help your body not only produce the needed energy naturally, but cleanse itself of toxins that can cause drowsiness.
4. Incorporate Exercise As Part Of Your “Must Do” Daily Activities

Lose That Mid-Afternoon Sleepiness: 5 Tips To Help You Beat That Afternoon Slump! - Incorporate Exercise As Part Of Your 'Must Do' Daily Activities Follow Me on Pinterest

Energy is greatly related to health and fitness. An unhealthy body, or one that is not physically fit, can tire much more easily than one that is in good shape.

The modern office environment, where most of the work is done sitting down, is not conducive to good physical fitness.

So, take the time to work regular exercise into your schedule. In the long run, physical fitness is the best guarantee of staying alert at work.

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