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It happens. As much as you like to believe it won’t, even the most loving of couples can lose the spark in the bedroom.

Jobs, kids, and the stress of everyday life all add up to conspire against your intimacy as a couple. And love’s got nothing to do with it – you just wake up one morning and realize that weeks – or even months – have gone by without any action in the bedroom.

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life!

If you realize that it’s time to bring some sexual intimacy back to your relationship, here are 5 great tips that can help you get things heated up again:

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1. Reach Out And Touch

We all know that the anticipation is sometimes the best part of the whole thing. That’s why frequent touches throughout the day can keep a level of excitement running throughout the day that will have you eager for action when you finally get the chance.

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life! - Reach Our And Touch Your Guy, Such As Holding His Hands Or Snuggle Up To Him While Watching TV Together

And it just takes simple things like holding hands while you watch TV or playing footsie under the dinner table. Put your hand on your partner’s leg while driving in the car, or give a hug from behind while he washes the dishes.

All those little touches are signals to your partner that you are eager for physical contact. Let him know that touching him makes you happy.

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2. Give Us A Kiss

Remember when you first got together with your partner? Nothing was more exciting than making out in the back of the car or on the front porch after a date. Those long, lingering tongue-tangling kisses went on for ages!

So – when was the last time that you kissed like that?

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life! - Snuggle Up Alongside Him On The Coach And Start Smooching!

Why not initiate another one of those make outs like you used to do? Snuggle up alongside him on the couch (make sure your breath is minty!), and get to smooching! Nibble on his ears and nuzzle in his neck; he’ll probably carry you away to the bedroom before you get any farther!

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3. Dress For The Occasion

It can be hard sometimes, but you should make the effort occasionally to dress up. After all, while he probably loves you just as much in your baggy tee and yoga pants, the sight of you all dressed up will still turn his switch.

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life! - Occasionally, Put On Something A Little Sexy...

Sure it doesn’t have to be every day, but occasionally, when you get home from work, get cleaned up and put on something a little sexy; maybe a favorite pair of jeans and a shirt that buttons up the front – and leave a few buttons undone! Remember to wear something very sexy underneath too – and let it peek out a little, just to entice him. Not only will it look attractive to him, it will make you feel more attractive, too.

Remember half the fun of dressing up for each other like this comes later, when you do the undressing!
4. Schedule In Date Nights

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life! - Schedule In Date Nights In Your Diary

New couples spend a lot of time going out. You head out for dinner, you go out to movies or maybe to the club dancing, spending time together doing things you enjoy.

Now that you’ve been together a while, you may find that you’re spending far too many nights in front of the computer, the TV and the game console. While you may be in the room together, you aren’t really “together.”

It’s time to bring that togetherness back in to your relationship! Plan nights out together; it can be hard when you’ve got kids, but it’s so important that you spend quality “couples” time together.

Go out for a nice dinner, a concert or play, or even just a picnic at the park. Anywhere the two of you can go to spend time talking and remembering what it is you love about each other.
5. Make Sex A Priority

Lost The Spark? 5 Quick Tips To Help Rekindle Your Sex Life! - Make Sex A Priority

Never leave sex at the bottom of your list of priorities. We know you’ve got your hands full with kids, housework and your job, but you’ve got to give intimacy with your partner precedence in your life.

Of course you can’t always drop all your responsibilities to run off to a hotel whenever you wish; but not giving sex the significance it deserves can spell the beginning of the end for your relationship. It has to be important for both of you, so take out your little day scheduler and make an appointment for intimacy!

By taking the initiative to make time for your relationship, you show each other that you are each other’s priority, and that’s what will help build that spark.

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