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Question #1: I want to have pretty nails, but I don’t have the money to go to an expensive salon; and whenever I try to apply nail polish, it turns out lumpy and uneven.

Nail Care Tips: Common Nail Care Questions Answered - Do Not Glob Too Much Nail Polish Onto The Nail Brush As It Will Cause Your Newly-Coated Nail Polish To Be Lumpy And Uneven Follow Me on Pinterest

Answer: People often glob too much polish onto the nailbrush when applying nail polish. As a result, their nail becomes lumpy and uneven. Keep in mind the nail polish brush can hold a lot of polish. So, the secret is to only dab enough polish onto the brush at one time to apply one thin coat. It’s better to apply several thin layers, rather than one lumpy layer.

Delicately dip the nailbrush in the bottle. As you are pulling it out, carefully wipe the extra nail polish off along the inside rim. This will knock-off the excess polish and let you apply the polish evenly.

Question #2: Can my artificial nails make my real nails fragile and unhealthy?

Nail Care Tips: Common Nail Care Questions Answered - Can The Use Of Artificial Nails Make Your Real Nails Fragile And Unhealthy? Follow Me on Pinterest

Answer: Once your artificial nails are removed, your real nails may seem a bit thinner. Wearing artificial nails for an extensive period of time may cause fungus. Over time, your real nails will ultimately lose their toughness and strength, which is difficult to recover from.

Therefore, try to only wear artificial nails on special occasions instead of everyday. If you cannot live without faux nails, take a break once every 2 – 3 months. This needed break will give your real nails time to return to their original strength and pliability.

Question #3: Is it true that cold water will dry nails quicker?

Nail Care Tips: Common Nail Care Questions Answered - Can Dipping Your Freshly-Polished Nails In Cold Water Help Your Nail Polish To Dry Faster? Follow Me on Pinterest

Answer: Although it will not entirely dry your fingernails, cold water can definitely help. Here’s how….

Add a few ice cubes to a bowl of water and dip your nails in the water numerous times for about a minute. The water’s cold temperature will help to solidify the lacquer and seal the chemicals in the polish.

Question #4: Why did my toenails turn yellow?

Answer: If you see that your nails are yellow and/or stained, it is likely because of old nail polish. The old polish may have discolored your nail plate due to wearing the polish for way too long.

Contact your doctor if the discoloration persists; it may be fungus-related or some other health issue that needs addressed.

Nail Care Tips: Common Nail Care Questions Answered - Calcium-Rich Foods Such As Milk, Yogurt, Fresh Cheeses, Can Help Boost The Health Of Your Nails Follow Me on Pinterest

Resilient and problem-free nails require a healthy diet full of good nutrition. One essential nutrient that will boost the health of your nails is Calcium. Calcium-rich foods include broccoli, yogurt, milk, and fresh cheeses.

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