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You love that smooth, silky feel of your skin after shaving, but loathe the irritation and razor burn that often accompanies it.

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving Follow Me on Pinterest

Fortunately, there are things you can to do help that irritation or even avoid it completely. Check out these 5 easy and practical tips that will make shaving less of a hassle:

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1. Avoid Shaving If…

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving - Do Not Shave If Your Skin Is Already Irritated From The Last Time You Shaved Follow Me on Pinterest

If your skin is already irritated from the last time you shaved, you should avoid shaving it again so soon. You’ll only exacerbate the problem, and end up with more angry little bumps.

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2. Take Your Time

Always shave at the end of your shower; it gives heat and moisture time to work their magic on your hair and skin, making it softer and less susceptible to irritation.

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving - Be Sure To Use Plenty Of Shaving Form Or Lotion As They'll Help Lubricate And Moisturize The Area Which You Want To Shave, Making Razor Irritation Less Likely Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s also smart to use plenty of shaving foam or shaving lotion; it will lubricate and moisturize the area, making razor irritation less likely.

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3. Shave With As Few Strokes As Possible

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving - To Avoid Irritation, You Should Try Minimize The Number Of Stroke Counts When You Shave Follow Me on Pinterest

Surprise – the direction in which you shave doesn’t really matter. You won’t get a closer shave by going in the direction of hair growth. But to avoid irritation, you should make each stroke count, and avoid going over the same area too many times.
4. Don’t Pick At Ingrown Hairs

Some people think that to heal ingrown hairs, they must extract the hair. But picking at them only damages the hair follicle, making the problem worse.

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving - Get A Cortisone Cream From Your Local Drugstore And Apply A Small Amount Each Day To The Irritated Areas To Calm Inflammation Follow Me on Pinterest

Instead, get a cortisone cream from your local drugstore and apply a small amount each day to the irritated area to calm inflammation. Don’t use it for more than two weeks; cortisone creams can cause thinning of the skin making it more sensitive.

If the cortisone doesn’t help and skin remains inflamed, you should visit your dermatologist.
5. Always Treat Irritated Skin

Tips For Avoiding Skin Irritation From Shaving - An Aloe Vera Gel Can Help Sooth Your Irritated Skin Follow Me on Pinterest

Any time that you have a skin irritation, you should treat it. Use an aloe vera gel or aloe vera lotion, or one with calendula; both will help soothe the skin.

As mentioned above, cortisone creams are available over the counter that will treat any skin inflammation.

And don’t overlook the simplest treatments; a cool washcloth compress can work wonders to sooth your irritated skin.

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